6 Reasons why Indian women face oppression!

Why was the western outfit blamed but not the drunk man? Why was the presence of the women questioned but not the state of the man? Why is it always the woman’s fault in everything that happens to her? Why are the women made powerless by her own society? Why isn’t the woman’s opinion considered? Why can’t a woman in India get justice without being harassed? Why did one of the safest city of India become the place for mass molestation? The answers to these why’s can only be gained when we look into the following mentioned reasons that hold back the Women of India.

6 Reasons why Indian women face oppression!


Women today have achieved the highest positions in the different fields and are capable of doing much more. But, the women of India do not enjoy equality in every aspect of life. A woman cannot walk alone on the road after 11 pm without the fear of being harmed and every time she is late, her near and dear ones are worried and hence forced to think of the undesirable because the place is safe no longer. Why can’t a woman be respected and not harassed for her guts? Can we make every corner of our country a place where women can walk, talk or eat fearlessly?



6 Reasons why Indian women face oppression!

The Indian society finds it very easy to blame the choices of a woman. If a woman is raped, her choice of dress is questioned instead of the rapist mindset. Everything that happens to a woman is totally portrayed as her flaw and the other facts of the incident are completely ignored. The choice of place, clothes, friends, partner, food, and drinks is then used as a weapon against her. Suddenly the incident becomes of less importance than the woman’s choices. A woman in India is given the freedom to make her choice but at the cause of her respect.



Indian families consist of many members of different generations and various age groups who have different beliefs. And one belief among them is that women are safe only with a man around her, which is not true. The Indian women are not allowed for parties, late night movie shows or trips whereas the men of the family are allowed for the same. This results in the loss of the freedom of the women that the males enjoy. Seeing such gender-based behavior the males grow up with idea that women are supposed to be chained or provided with a bodyguard. These restrictions then become the foundation of inequality and distinct behavior of the men towards the women.



6 Reasons why Indian women face oppression!

The western dress and the friendly smiles are not the passes to the journey of anything more. Men commonly take the women for granted by judging them based on clothes and behavior towards them. They clearly don’t understand the women and make their moves, which they then force it on the women.We, Indian women, have a habit of not voicing it out till it becomes necessary, which the men misunderstand as a chance to go further. It’s your life and it is you who has to shape it. Don’t let the men make the decisions for you.



The inequality and restrictions have made the Indian women look helpless and incapable of standing up for herself. But, the society has completely forgotten its historical literature which portrays the Indian women courageous, intelligent, powerful, disciplined, and at the same time beautiful and charming. The era has changed but not the qualities that the women possess, she still plays the various roles and balances them perfectly with the right amount of emotions. Indian woman of today has the ability to stand up for herself and get justice done.The fear that the men believe that women possess is just a myth.



6 Reasons why Indian women face oppression!

Indian society has a certain unreasonable set of rules and duties that women and men are supposed to do in order to maintain the social balance. Women should only handle the kitchen and kids, whereas the men are supposed to go to work, these are the two major examples of such rules and duties. Growing up in such environment, some men get so used to it that they do not like women stepping out of the boundaries made by the society and end up developing strong negative opinions regarding the women which sometimes results in an unfavorable environment.


Although, Indian women today live their life on their own terms and conditions and do not let the society’s believes bother them. This will help in moulding the next generation in a better way. The time wheel is spinning and so is the behavior of the society towards women. We have traveled a long way from women slavery to women in politics today. We will have to travel a lot more to the day where there won’t be any injustice done to a woman. And for that, we will have to stand up for ourselves and protect the women kind.


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