Reasons NOT to Get a Tattoo

Reasons NOT to Get a Tattoo

The whole concept of tattoos seems lame. There are many reasons why people opt for tattoos. At times the reasons can be personal or at times it’s just peer pressure. Whatever, the reason may be, one should not get tattoos. Why do I say so?

Let me share some valid reasons for not getting tattoos.


They Pose Risk of Infections

Tattoos can make you vulnerable to so many diseases and infections. You can never be sure if they disinfect their tattoo needles or not. Most of the times, they go on using the same needle on every single person. Although the tattoo parlors that are registered may reduce this risk. In severe cases, the infection spreads and costs you your leg or arm. I am sure no one wants that, or do you?

In the run to look trendy and chic most of us get tattoos just to fit in this world. But, believe me! Nothing is more important to you than your health. No peer pressure, nothing!


They Cost A lot of Money

Although they may look cool and trendy, these tattoos may cost a lot. Even a small butterfly costs around $60 t0 $100. And obviously, the prices may vary depending on how famous the tattoo parlor is.

Well, these were the basic reasons why you should not opt for a tattoo. Let us now look at some practical reason.

  1. In many societies tattoos are not considered good. People who have tattoos on their arms and legs are considered dangerous and of a bad reputation. And this especially holds true for women. It may attract unnecessary attraction from an unwanted group of men.
  2. You were dating someone and you engraved their name on your skin, but now you two are no longer together. What next? You want to forget that person, but every time you look at that tattoo it reminds you of them and you don’t want it right? So, tattoos are a very bad idea.
  3. The worst part of having tattoos is that they are permanent. I know teenagers won’t understand this now, they want to look fashionable and do what others do, but once they grow out of this period, they are going to regret. Although, there are removal services available for the tattoos, they cost huge sums of money and takes a lot of time.


So, my advice would be don’t do something now which you will regret later in your life. Don’t waste your money or your parents money just to look trendy and fit in that gang of yours. You don’t have to get a tattoo to get accepted in the society.  Keep in mind the risks of the tattoos- the physical risks, the social risks and the financial risk. You don’t have to endure the pain of getting a tattoo when clearly it is not a necessity.