The healing power of Music

The healing power of my music

You listen to music when you are jogging along the curb while taking a walk, taking a shower, when you have nothing to do, or when you are sad, when you are happy, when you are travelling or when you want ideas to nurture your brain. But you listen to music no matter what. We all do because it’s magnetic power relaxes us and pumps beautiful energy in us. It affects different people differently. It has no boundaries. I might like folk music of South Africa while you might like Rock. Music triggers the brain much more than anything else. Here’s why you shouldn’t cease listening to music.

  • Music motivates

It wouldn’t be a surprise if I tell you that music acts like a motivator. We don’t need motivational lectures, speeches, and quotes to gear up. Our favorite tune can do that for us. So if are feeling out of the world, hit your playlist!

  • It helps you exercise

Researchers are finding the relationship between music and exercise since a long time. A study reports that cyclists who listened to music while cycling pedaled faster than those who did it in silence. When you are exercising silently, the body sends signals to the brain to stop and take and break. On the contrary, listening to music actually diverts the brain’s attention and overrides those cries for a break.  Also, cyclists who listened to music needed 7% less oxygen that those who did it in silence.

  • Sad music gives pleasure

Why do we find sad music delighting? Why does it give us so much pleasure?When we are sad, we listen to depressing music because it had the ability to connect with us and uplift our mood. It evokes positive emotions, consoles us and gives us an emotional boost. Even short pieces of sad music can actually be comforting.

  • Classical Music gives multiple advantages

Listening to classical music such as Mozart can improve your brain’s visualization ability. It improves memory, concentration, and social skills. A study conducted on children reports that those who listened to classical music had better concentration levels, self-discipline, and increased memory.

  • Music gets your creative juices flowing

Ambient music for a little brain- storming session is the best method to gather all those creative ideas you never knew existed in your brain. While high music will be distracting, moderate music will definitely boost your creativity.

Here’s how :

  • People who like rock music are more creative, lazy, gentle and have low self- esteem
  • Rap lovers have high self-esteem. They are more outgoing.
  • Classical music lovers are introvert, creative and get along easily.

So forget everything else, put on your headset and enjoy!