Reasons why Bigg Boss is a Bigg Loss !

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For fans who expected a masala filled Bigg Boss Double Trouble, we sympathize with you. The season 9 has lost it’s appeal as well as TRP. Audience is no longer interested in what’s happening in the house. Despite of Salman Khan trying to create some fun, the show continues to remain underwater! Many reasons contribute to it’s ruination. Let’s take a look at them and understand Reasons why Bigg Boss is a Bigg Loss !

  • Timing: The Bigg Boss season 9 shifting from it’s trademark prime time of 9:00pm to 10:30pm has thrilled the audience for more adult content. However, with majority of the Indian audience being early risers, viewers consider much better to switch off their TV’s and sleep!


  • Excited fans disappointed: with the buzz that BB-9 would now be aired at 10:30pm, fans looked forward to a whole lot of drama and hot romance. Except for a few hugs and kisses between the inmate couples and a sizzling poolside performance, there is no denying the fact that the show is devoid of sparkling romance. And now, with Keith gone, it has drowned even further! Even after the Bigg Boss Baba addressing the contestants to build an ardor of winning, the contestants look too bored to care.


  • Unknown contestants: how many of us know who Suyyash is? Or Mandana for that matter? Even Digangana and Rishabh are no hot shots! Except Rimi Sen, who is a real Bollywood celeb, the remaining contestants are either daily soap actors or models of unknown origin. Irony has it that the sole Bollywood diva doesn’t want to be in the show at all!




  • Lack of spice: Okay! Let’s agree that the task Bigg Boss Hotel was bang on dramatic! But who has the guts to spit on drinking water and food? That’s downright disgusting! We might say there were nasty fights and overloaded violence but is that something really fascinating? Dear Bigg Boss, where are those comedians who made the mood lighten? Please bring them back and pitch in some TRP to your show!


  • Salman Khan’s downfall: Salman Khan is not “The Salman Khan” anymore! He has turned absolutely silent and less funny. Fans who waited for weekends so eagerly when Salman Khan would come and entertain them are dissatisfied. He hardly scolds contestants or looks enthusiastic. Maybe, he too, is bored with his dull and monotonous job!