A fight against sexual harrasment in RedBus

A fight against sexual harrasment in RedBus
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In Bengaluru, a woman had been allegedly sexually harassed in a bus. After which she started an online petition that demanding increased security and assured safety for females commuting via private buses. The petition on change.org has garnered 42,000 supporters in four days.

The petition’s demand’s include a proper background check of the drivers and other staff, they also need to update their information regarding themselves on the website.

An occurrence on the 18th of February triggered the petition. She was travelling from Goa in a bus booked using the app: RedBus. She wrote that she was fast asleep on the last berth of the bus, unconscious of the fact that it had reached the last stop – Majestic.

“The driver, in an attempt to wake me up, squeezed my chest, and I woke up with a jolt, unaware of what had just happened.”

The driver then replied to her saying, “It is the last stop,” as if nothing had just happened. In her dazed and confused stupor, she picked up her bag and left.

RedBus’ response to the petition was:

“We are reaching out to many of the bus operators listed on redBus, who are critical stakeholders, with this petition to solicit their views on how to make bus travel safer and as hassle-free as possible, particularly for women, and we would be happy to share their feedback too. We also take on board (her) suggestion on sending tips to women travelers on travel safety and we would work on doing this as soon as possible, including telling the woman passenger the total number of other women travelers on that service. “At RedBus, safety of travelers, especially women, is a cause that we take seriously and support. As a responsible organization in the area of travel, we have taken many steps in this direction and would continue to play our part.”

I salute this woman for taking such a firm stand and not letting simple issues that give rise to bigger ones let go. Every woman who is has been the victim of any kind of sexual harassment or act of molestation MUST reach out to forums and even US for help. We are here to join hands with you and bring about change.



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