Rejuvenate your skin – with oxygen?!

oxygenCan you rejuvenate your skin? With Oxygen? Is that the secret of Kate Middleton’s young face? Breathe New Life Into Old Skin, is it just a slogan that sells a dream or is it possible? Could the key to Anti-Aging really be a breath away?

As a matter of fact humans are all born with perfect skin. Protected within the bodies of our mothers our skin gets all the vitamins and oxygen it needs. But as time passes, the fully oxygenated epidermis we are born with shows signs of wear and tear from sun damage, environmental exposure and the typical aging process. By the age of 25, there is already a substantial decline in skin’s oxygen level, up to 80%.

So basically it seems that the lack of oxygen is the problem. But why is oxygen so important to skin? It is an essential molecule for hydration, detoxification and cell nourishment. For every one oxygen molecule that penetrates the superficial layer of skin, two brand new water molecules latch on, creating water and essential hydration deep within the dermis. Its organic properties provide cells with the water and energy needed to produce collagen fibers and elastin, which help skin fight signs of aging and rid it  of blemish causing bacteria. There are many skincare products in the market that claim to be formulated with oxygen but that are actually just pumped with air in order to create a fluffy consistency, and do not replenish the skin with the much needed molecule.

When doing research for this article WomenNow detected a Swiss brand called Karin Herzog which actually is the only brand to be formulated with patented “active oxygen,”. Their promise is to create additional skin moisture and producing pressure that propels oxygen, water and other active ingredients into the deep cellular levels of the skin for anti-aging, blemish fighting and other benefits.

We managed to get a discount for WomenNow readers. So in case you want to breathe new life into old skin, as Karin Herzog promises it, use the code WOMENNOW which applies especially for our readers. Check out the site here

  And now go and enjoy the sun!

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