Revealed- The Easiest Way for Passing Cisco 100-105 Exam

Cisco is one of the top IT certification provider that makes the money you spend on the certification work for you. If you combine hard work with good training materials, then passing any of its exams is guaranteed. Despite the delight at enrolling for the Cisco exams, it’s worth reminding that you are investing your time and resources on the same. Therefore, you should aim at nothing but passing your exams. Here is a guide to Cisco ICND1 100-105 Practice Test to boost your knowledge of the exam concepts and how you can easily pass it hassle-free at your first attempt.

About Cisco 100-105 Exam

The Cisco 100-105 exam validates your knowledge and skills pertaining to LAN switching technologies, network fundamentals, infrastructure services and infrastructure maintenance. Passing this exam, you receive the CCENT credential, which serves as a prerequisite for getting the certifications of the associate level, such as CCNA Wireless, CCNA Security, CCNA R&S or CCDA. With such a wide range of certification programs, it is clear to see why this Cisco exam is one of the most important tests that you should never miss out on. 100-105 exam covers five major concepts all of which have a specific weight in the actual test.

Routing Fundamentals

This topic validates your skills regarding the routing concepts, interpreting the routing task components, exploring dynamic and static routing, configuring and troubleshooting inter-VLAN routing as well as RIPv2. Additionally, it also authenticates your skills to describe the process of populating a routing table.

Network Fundamentals

Similarly, passing this test demands the knowledge of TCP/IP and OSI models that includes their similarities and differences. In other words, you should have the relevant knowledge of comparing and contrasting the TCP and UDP protocols in addition to IPv6 address types and network topologies. Finally, this section also tests your ability to troubleshoot IPv6 addressing and explain the significance of private IPv4 addressing.

LAN Switching Fundamentals

This is the third concept covered by this exam and it validates your skills regarding the configuration and verification of port security, inter-switch connectivity and layer 2 protocols. It also demands that you possess the relevant knowledge of interpreting Ethernet frame format, troubleshooting cable issues and describing switching concepts.

Infrastructure Services

100-105 exam also requires a better understanding of the DNS lookup operation in addition to troubleshooting the IPv4 and NAT access list.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Finally, this exam tests on infrastructure maintenance. It may be the last topic on this list but it is just as important as any other topics. It specifically focuses on your ability to use syslog to configure a device, configure and verify initial device and carry out device maintenance.

Exam Facts

The exam details are as important as the preparation you take for it. The allotted time for the Cisco 100-105 exam is 90 minutes. Just like most of the Cisco certification exams, it presents 45-55 questions. It should be noted that this exam is only available in the English and Japanese languages at the moment.

The questions, on the other hand, appear in various formats such as multiple choice single answer, multiple choice multiple answer, drag and drop, fill in the blank, testlets, simulations andsimlets.

Exam Preparation Options

By now you should have known that 100-105 exam has tons of concepts to be covered and it is only through adequate preparation that you will stand a chance of registering great results. Top IT certification providers will always do their best to ensure you attain your credential really quick and hassle-free and Cisco is no exception. Boasting a wide range of training materials, the Cisco official website is the ideal destination to kick start your exam preparation journey. Here are some of the useful training resources you will find at this site.

Premium Cisco 100-105 Practice Exam

Many people have employed different techniques to pass the Cisco 100-105 certification exam but one of the best approaches to take is to challenge your knowledge of the exam content beforehand. This is exactly what the Cisco practice exam offers.

In fact, you should make it a key element of your exam preparation if you are looking to attain a positive outcome at your first attempt. The practice test not only helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses but also gives you an idea of what you can score in the actual test.

Classroom Training

Cisco provides instructor-led classes through its authorized partners. It recommends the Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, Part 1 (ICND1) v3.0 course to help you prepare adequately for this exam.


The Cisco learning network store is known to provide exam preparation materials as well as self-paced courses to aid your study. Again, for 100-105 exam, Cisco recommends the Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, Part 1 (ICND1) v3.0 course.

Study Groups

The role of study groups in aiding your exam preparation cannot be understated. The CCNA Routing and Switching study group is specifically important if you are preparing for the 100-105 exam, since most candidates choose this exam in order to pass another one (200-105) and gain the CCNA R&S credential. You can make new connections with friends pursuing the same certification as you embark on your certification journey.

Top Web Resources for 100-105 Exam Preparation

It takes the actual burning of the midnight oil to earn the prestigious Cisco certifications. Even with the best training materials, it is still advisable to combine different preparation techniques to prepare for your certification exam in the best way.

Thankfully, reliable training tools are readily available to aid in your preparation. One such a website with invaluable training materials is PrepAway. Here are just a few of the training materials from this website to start you out.

100-105 Premium Bundle

Whether you prefer to study alone or in groups, the premium bundle is an invaluable tool to have. It may go for $19.99 but if you get your hand on it, you will equally agree that the price is indeed a bargain.

This material has 655 questions and answers related to 100-105 exam in addition to a complete training course with up to 91 lectures. What’s more, the premium bundle also has a 964-page study guide to help you plan your study appropriately.

Free 100-105 Exam Questions

The free Cisco ICND1 questions are regularly updated to help you pass your exam quickly and hassle-free. They provide an ideal way to put your knowledge to test before facing the ultimate test.

Exam Dumps

PrepAway exam dumps have always been instrumental in helping candidates prepare for IT certification exams. And 100-105 exam is no exception. Considering the huge content, it covers, there could be no better way to prepare for this exam than using valid dumps to test your knowledge. And this is what the dumps from PrepAway are here to offer.

Exam Registration

If you thought that scheduling the Cisco 100-105 exam is difficult then you need to think again. Pearson VUE is Cisco’s number one test delivery partner that is committed to administering its certification exams around the world.

You can always schedule your exam at the Pearson VUE official website anytime. All you need to do is to pay the exam fee of $165 and follow the comprehensive instructions on the Pearson VUE website regarding exam registration.

Bottom Line

As you can see, passing the Cisco 100-105 exam is never as hard as you’ve always perceived it. You only need to pair up your hard work with two or more training materials and you are good to go. It’s time to remove all the doubts regarding this exam and bring your certification goals to fruition. With the variety of opportunities Cisco certifications create, there could be no better time to pursue your certification goal.

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