Right Shade of Foundation – Master the Art

Dark, fair or medium to light skin, every woman has to face the tough job of choosing the perfect shade of foundation according to her skin color and type. A wrong shade of foundation would end up looking blotchy and dull opposed to skin color and would even result to wearing out of the makeup. Foundation being the base of every makeup needs to sustain and choosing the right foundation helps in such sustainability.


If you worry about choosing the right shade of foundation every other time you end up in a cosmetic store and go into a fix then here are some easy at handy tricks which will help you get the right shade in a jiffy.


Choice Based on the Skin Type

  • Dry Skin

Usual notion has it that applying a foundation on a dry skin would tend to make the skin more dry and dull but the truth is that there is variety of moisture based foundations available in market for such skin. If you have a dry skin then choose a foundation which is moisture based or has hint of moisture content in it, in this way the foundation would work in keeping the moisture in the skin and at the same time will give the skin a plump look .


  • Oily Skin

As this type of skin already gives out much oil, so an oily based foundation is a big no. The matte based foundation goes well with this skin followed by a power compact to give a day long coverage without looking much of an over do.


  • Normal Skin

People with this skin type are lucky enough to choose from a wide range of brands and can experiment with any type of foundation depending on the skin color they have. Their skin type is an added advantage for the type of makeup they want.


Choosing the Right Shade

After you have decided on your skin type choose the nearest matching color to that of your skin, once you are sure that you have found one, apply the foundation on the available portion above your thumb. If you still find it difficult to decide then you can directly try it in your cheeks and blend it (it is best to try the same in day light to see the exact combination). Now-a-days every store has a sales executive or expert who will help you in choosing the same.


Choice Based on the Weather

Weather too plays an important factor on deciding the right foundation, and especially Indian Summers and Monsoon being treacherous the choice becomes even significant. If you want your makeup to last through the day then here is the trick for the weather, a moose based foundation or soufflé is best for the summer, a waterproof for monsoons and a hinted moisture based foundation is best during the winters.

It is important to note that every skin has its flaws and sensitiveness, so it is better to take care of it first by choosing a good brand of makeup product to prevent the skin from any damage. The better you know your skin the choice of makeup becomes easier. So, go on, apply these tricks and get that stunning glow you have always wanted your makeup to do.


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