An army of students in shorts at war with the law professor at the National Law School of India University (Bangalore) –
Wondering why?
V Nagaraj a professor at National Law School of India University (NLSIU) made a rather sexist remark on a female student for wearing a short dress to his lecture – he didn’t seem to stop there he went on to criticise the students character for voicing her concerns.
In protest the entire batch of 3rd year LBB students sat for their lectures in shorts.
All the students looked for was a simple apology from their professor, but he refused to do so – denying all accusations. Claiming that the allegations are false – in his 27 years of experience not once before this had any such incident occurred.

The college doesn’t have a dress code, but the professor has asked for the university to provide more clarity on this particular topic in order to ensure a “certain decorum” may be maintained in his classes.

Do you stand with the student or the professor? Does one’s attire really effect the decorum maintained in classrooms?