Romantic Things to Say to your Husband

You must have heard about a couple whose marriage fell apart because they became distant. Often times we start taking our relationship with our spouses for granted. But the key to a successful marriage is treating it like you are still dating. When you are still trying to impress each other. You do things for them. Surprise them in small ways. By doing all this you never get bored with your spouse. For there will always be something to look forward too.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t settle into the stability of a marriage. But don’t let the stability turn into stagnation. Words have a powerful impact in this regard. Sometimes just the right words, at the right time can make a big difference in any relationship. If you want to keep your romance alive, you will want to take a look at these romantic things to say to your husband.

romantic things to day to husband

How do I tell my husband I love him?

The simple, most easy way to do this is to say those three magic words. I love you. But any proclamation without substance loses impact. So, learn some other ways to display your love for him. Start by appreciating the little things that he does. If he helps you with chores, let him know you are grateful. “Thank you so much for helping me with that honey, it really means a great deal to me”. Sweet gestures like that will certainly make him want to do more.

If you are with him, he must have an impact on your life. Let him know how he makes you a better person. “Being with you (or your love) makes me a better person every day”. That he has an impact on your life will be very encouraging for him. This also conveys how important he is to you. Over the course of your marriage, he might feel that the strength of commitment between the two of you is waning. Men need reassurances. Give him some by reminding him of this. A simple, “I am committed to you” often works as a perfect substitute for I love you.

It might not seem obvious but men worry about their parenting skills too. In Indian society, traditionally, men don’t play a very involved role in the upbringing of their children. But times have changed and so has the outlook of men towards parenting. Your approval will mean a great deal to him. After all, mothers are traditionally the best caregivers. “You are a wonderful father” will work just as good as appreciating his help with everything else.

Let him know that he brings joy to your life. Remember how we are always trying to make our crushes laugh? Theirs a communication of affection in a woman’s laughter. “I can never laugh as much around anyone, as I do when you are with me”. A simple admission like this will make him go overboard with happiness.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Husband in Text

 tell husband you love him

 Texting has become an integral part of our communication these days. If you and your husband don’t live in the same city then texting is essential for your marriage. Saying the right things to him can make his day. Send him texts that remind him of the good old days. Imagine you are having a frustrating day. Everything in the moment seems ruined. Then you get a text that reminds you of the happy moments in your life. “I was going through our pictures from the trip to the Goa and it reminded me of when ________”. A reminder of what all the struggles are for can ease a lot of pain.

It will mean a great deal to him if you remind him that you are waiting for him. Just the feeling that love awaits you after a long day can be so warming. “Try to get out of office soon today. Tell them my wife misses me”. A text like that creates a warm fuzzy feeling. And strengthens your desire to go home sooner. Or maybe give them a little boost of confidence. If he’s worried about a big day, a morale booster from you can work wonders. Something like, “Hey handsome! Are you free for a date night after you blow minds at the presentation?”.

If he knows that you have confidence in him, he’ll certainly blow some minds. And will be thankful to you for the encouragement. Random gestures of love will also help keep the love in the air. Messages like, “I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my life” or “Last night was so fun. Can’t wait for you to come back home tonight 😉, can always be relied on to spice things up.

Funny Things to Text Your Husband

Humour is magical. It’s almost unbelievable what a smile or laughter can do to a person’s mood. So, you don’t always have to be all Shakespearean in your romance. Sometimes funny texts work better than emotional admissions. You must certainly have some internal jokes now. Maybe text him something steamy that happened during sex using emojis. Use emojis to send secret messages to him. Download an app that has some funky filters. Some filters are just downright hilarious. No, I’m not talking about those annoying Snap Chat filters. Opt for something original. Send him pictures with ridiculous filters. That will surely crack him up.

Sending unexpectedly sexy replies can also crack him up. For example, when he sends, “I’m on my way home”, respond with, “You’re so sexy when you are on your way home”. That, my friends, is called killing two birds with one stone. Make him laugh and turn him on. There also some emoji apps that have some really cool sexy and funny emojis. Bitmoji app, for example, provides lots of options of this type. You can send customized emojis to put a smile on his face.

Flirty Things to Say to Your Husband

 funny things to say to husband

 Never let flirting out of the equation. Flirting is what makes us all feel great (so long as both parties are comfortable). If you flirt with your husband that will make him feel wanted. You need to let him know that you are just as interested in him as you were when you started dating. Start a little old school style. Leave notes in his bag or car. Saying things like, “Thanks for the amazing night handsome” or “Can’t stop thinking about you”.

A great thing about texting is that it puts you in a safe space in a crowded room. You can always talk privately to a person across the room using texts. So, when you find yourself in a situation like this, send him texts like, “Is it me or did I marry the sexiest man in this room?”. If he’s surrounded by a group, this is sure to put a blush on his face. But what to do when you both are the only people at home.

Looking for ways to spice things up? How about breaking into a dance? Starting with gestures like, “May I have this dance?” are not only classic but also steamy. One thing that will always work for you is sexy suggestions. It doesn’t matter whether you are direct about it or coy. The fact that you still get turned on by him will always have the desired effect. “I have a surprise for you when you get home”. Or some sexy dialogue from some movie, like “You must forgive my lips… they find pleasure in the most unusual places.”

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