Romantic ways to woo your girl

Romantic ways to woo your girl

Do you have a beautiful love story and you would like to make her feel special? Do you want her to know that she is the most memorable chapter in your novel? Have you wooed her yet? Have you asked her hand for marriage? Then read on to find simple ways to completely sway her.

Find out what kind of couple you are, and propose her in your own unique style and make her feel special for the rest of her life:

The adventure couple:

Paint maps and scenes all over your bedroom (assuming you are living together) and write your proposal in calligraphy for her. The exact words could be “ Will you be my adventure partner for the rest of our lives ?” If she loves travelling, she will probably melt to see that you painted the bedroom and immortalized the proposal. If you wish, an additional ticket to some place exotic can also do the magic.

The nerdy couple:

She loves books, right? So she likes it classic. Light up your bedroom or terrace with golden tiny sparkling lights and buy her a cute ring. Make her marshmallows and coffee and gift her a novel that you want your journey to be. Keep blankets handy, there will be  a lot of cuddling and crying. Happiness guaranteed.

The ultra popular couple:

For you, she would like the limelight. Plan a perfect date night, give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, let there be flowers and music, and pop the question on your knees. She will be happier than you can imagine.

The sensitive couple:

Try making her an album of all pictures and moments that you have spent together. That would be enough to make her cry and laugh at the same time. Pop in the question in the last page, and wait for her to cry and nod in approval.

The techie couple:

Try and program her circuit board lights, arrange the circuits in such a way that it says I Love you. Probably that’s the best way to keep your girl amazed.

Record your moments and keep them alive for many more years to come. Keep falling in love!