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Are you happy in your marriage? Be sincere to yourself before you give any answer! Most of us want to get married and to get settled with the perfect person. However maintaining a marriage can be very tough and time consuming. Marriage isn’t always a happy situation; it does have many ups and downs.
In this article we will talk about some rules which will help you to manage and live a happier marriage.

Make it a priority.

If you want a happy and long lasting marriage then it should become your priority. You should invest a great amount of time in it to make it successful. Do not take it for granted, remember divorces do happen and in our generation it became fashionable

Concentrate on the future

For a happy and long lasting marriage you should always look to the future. Set goals with your partner. You can also set deadline to achieve those goals, else time will keep on moving and your goals will never be accomplished. You should exchange with your partner about your dreams and how you see your life in 15 years time and how you want to make a happy life together.

Support each other

One of the prime factors of a happy marriage is to support each other. Know your partner’s weaknesses and support him to overcome them. For this you need to have an open and authentic relationship based on mutual trust and love. With each other’s support you can overcome any kind of difficulty with ease.

Forget imperfections

For a successful and happy marriage you need to forgive the imperfections or bad qualities your partner has. Nobody is perfect! If you keep complaining about his imperfection then it will never be a happy marriage. We are all humans and each of us has a bad quality. Therefore learn to accept his imperfection and try to rectify him. Don’t be to idealisitc! What you see in movies only exists in the Bollywood world, not in real life! You will never be happy if you are dreaming for the perfect life.

Express your love

Each day tell your partner how much you care and love him. Praising someone will bring him closer to you. It will also contribute towards a happier relation. It is like cultivating a garden, you need to take care of it if you want beautiful flowers to grow!

To conclude, all married couples should understand each other, try to compromise. Considering the increasing number of divorces these days, ending relations became very easy but maintaining a happy one is very tough and hard work.

Niharika Essoo

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