Running late: How to be on time everywhere?


on time

You can’t get back lost time. You can make the most of your life by sticking to deadlines. Running late for everything is habitual for some people. For a few, reasons might range from being just lazy enough to get things done on time, being stuck in a traffic congestion or meeting an unforeseen circumstance that needs attention. However, in professional areas, things can prove pretty disastrous. Being punctual is considered part of a great personality. It is reflective of the fact that you value people’s time and energy to be there for you. Raised eyebrows is a common sight when you fail to show up on time. Eventually you will lose out on good opportunities because of this annoying habit.

Here are a few tips that can help you with getting things on track.

  • It has got much more to do with your psychology. You need to engrave this in your mind that running late isn’t an option for you if you live in a set up that gives high value to time. VVIPs and celebrities have people working for them who are paid to schedule and workout any lapses. Since you do not enjoy that comfort, it’s better to follow norms. Unless your situation lets you take things really easy, you shouldn’t take people for granted just because of your lack of dedication. Either let them know beforehand or do not make plans. In reality, no excuse can be used as justification. You might be underestimating the time you actually have to reach a place, or lacking in self- organisation, or considering yourself overly important in making people wait for you, but that’s not what you should be putting people through.
  • Avoid putting off things for the actual day. Try getting everything in place the day before. Even plan what you are going to wear the next day. This will save you unnecessary killing of time. In case you decide avoiding people by missing out on the scheduled time, let them know or discuss why you did so. Setting reminders on your phone for each planned activity or even an alarm clock can come in really handy. Letting people hanging on you without a proper explanation is uncalled for. That’s just reflective of utter disrespect.
  • If anxiety is to blame, work on it. Some people are too worried about everything in their life. Certain aspects run through their mind so much that they lose track of time. Writing really helps. You can try putting down on paper what bothers you all the time. Address them yourself or ask for help. Your anxiousness can cause you to do things in haste which turns everything into an ultimate waste. So, calm down. You can do things efficiently with a proper plan of action.
  • Be realistic while scheduling your activities. Try not packing them too tight that it leaves you in a haphazard state. Leave sufficient time gap between two actions. If you have a meeting at 6.00, ensure that your date starts at least an hour after your meeting ends. This should include the total time you need to rest, get dressed and travel.
  • Set priorities. You don’t need to be there for everyone all the time. In doing so, you will only do things partially. If you know what comes first, it will be easier for you to deal with things wholeheartedly and on time. Unimportant things can be taken care of when you are ready to deal with them.


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