Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman: Love Compatibility?

Fire signs are hands down the most compatible with Aries. I guess it’s just that no one can understand their drive the way other fire signs can. Water signs drown them. Air signs just blow away. And Earth signs, well, Earth and Fire don’t get along so well anyway. So, it’s not a surprise that the Sagittarius male and the Aries female are such a good fit. But having come along so far on this journey, there’s something she needs to understand. Will she risk her life at the impulses that can be wrong? Or try to understand what or who brings her life-lasting joy? While she decides that, she can certainly ride along with this merry centaur.

sagittarius and aries compatibility

Are Aries and Sagittarius Soulmates?

The Aries woman and Sagittarius man’s relationship will help answer this question. There is just so much in common between them. Which can be a boon and a bane. Both are infused with an excessive amount of creativity. They never let the other person get bored. They are always stimulating each other’s mind. And would jump on whatever project the other person wants to pursue next. The Aries female and Sagittarius male are of the determined opinion that they know all the answers. Which is a good thing, when the other person needs help. But when they are disagreeing on an issue, this can make reconciliation difficult.

They like to champion causes that will have an impact in the world. As an Aries, I know how difficult it is to find people who care. Not just care, but care about things as much as you do. The Sagittarius share this passion and make for the perfect partners in the revolution. Both are people with good intentions. Too busy pushing their idea of Utopia to be side-tracked by personal greed. They would never harm each other for personal gains. Especially because so many people have tried to take advantage of their good nature. A fondness of a heated discussion is another common characteristic. Neither the Sagittarius man nor the Aries woman is able to ignore a verbal challenge. So, they always keep each other engaged in something to think about. Something to win over. Something to get together for.

Why are Sagittarius and Aries Attracted to Each Other?

 aries and sagittarius attraction

 Both are fire signs, and fire attracts fire. He will be drawn to her from the first time they meet. It is impossible that their first meeting will go bad. Unless they meet in morbid circumstances. Otherwise, their initial attraction is imminent. And why not? They are the brightest shining stars at the party. This relationship is influenced by the 5-9 Sun Sign pattern vibrations. Their natal Suns are Trined and so they get along and have a mutual understanding with another. they know what the other person will have fun doing. Or what the best gift for him/her will be.

Chances are that they have the same political alignment – liberal. You better believe that they are both active and woke about politics. So, naturally, they would gel perfectly with people who share their political beliefs. This is a highly political world we live in. Political differences can make or break relationships. But both are optimistic, open-hearted, warm and friendly. These shared values are most likely to bring them closer to each other.

Even if it isn’t “love at first sight”, they sure will be interested in pursuing. However, the Sagittarius male needs to exert a little caution. It is better if he aims for friendship and not love if he isn’t ready to become a one-woman-man yet. The Sagittarius men suffer from a serial flirting disorder. He is also the most likely (after Gemini) to cheat. Please don’t go around breaking the lady Ram’s heart.

Are Aries and Sagittarius Sexually Compatible?

With so much to bring them together, sex can never go wrong. Lovemaking between these two can be eternally exciting and always stimulating. They are equally passionate about sex. And both are looking for the experience of a lifetime, each time. so, naturally, they bring their A game to the bed. But more than physical fulfilment it brings peace and contentment to their hearts. If you know the Aries woman, you know how she feels about sex. Thankfully, he shares her sentiment. They are both doing it for something greater than to satisfy their bodies. They are trying to satisfy their souls.

So, it is safe to say that sexual adjustment is almost automatic. Their sex drives always match. Even if they don’t, they get in sync once they are together. And knowing what I know of them, they are not waiting for any sign either. Their sex life together will begin early in the relationship. Their physical union can be ideal in every sense. Except for their common vice. Sexual selfishness is a common cause of sexual disharmony. The Aries woman and the Sagittarius guy are both focussing on personal fulfilment. Which they always do. What they need to realise is that they will never be truly fulfilled so long as they don’t take their partner’s need into consideration. Working on this selfishness will benefit them both. Each is capable of a warm response, which can make their intimacies wonderfully fulfilling.

Do Sagittarius and Aries Get Along?

 sagittarius and aries relationship problems

 No relationship is perfect in its raw form. It the people involved and their will to work, that does the wonders. He is most likely (after Gemini) to be unfaithful in some way. Physically, by cheating on her, or mentally, by flirting or thinking of someone else. The Sagittarius male is a wanderer. He doesn’t easily pick an aim. But her jealousy cannot take that for a split second. That causes more problems. Infidelity is not something she will ever put up with. While he needs to work on his commitment issues, she needs to give him more freedom.

He is an honest man, but sometimes that gets the best of him. He doesn’t have to tell her everything. Especially if he’s recalling his romantic expeditions of the day. She doesn’t need to know how many women tried to hit on him. Or how many women he flirted with today. Firstly, he shouldn’t even think of being unfaithful to her. If he can’t control his innocent flirtations, don’t brag about it. Her outbursts of jealousy will receive little real sympathy from him. He sees it as a breach of his personal freedom and mutual trust. If she lets her jealousy get the best of her, he will run away. What he fears the most is being tied down to one place or one person. But his inability to comfort her sows more seeds of mistrust in her heart. She feels like he doesn’t even care enough to regret what he has done.

Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man Marriage

They shouldn’t get married if he cannot work on his commitment issues. And it wouldn’t go this far because of how they are. Both are honest and sincere and would never be able to carry on a long-term deception. If either of them feels that they cannot go a long way, they will back out. But he has more chances of leaving her at the altar. If mutual trust is established from the start, they have an excellent chance for emotional harmony. Their marriage cannot survive if they don’t trust each other. She should be able to trust him to be loyal. And he should be able to trust himself that she is all the woman he needs.

Both are visionaries but his dreams are more practical than hers. So, he brings practicality to their life and common ambitions. He will guide their lives in the right direction. This way they will be able to achieve what they set out for through coordinated effort. Love seldom grows cold between them. Share mutual excitement for new ideas and eternal youthfulness of spirit. He isn’t one for domestic life. But she doesn’t mind his wanderings so long as he taker her with him. But in all this excitement, he is still susceptible to break her heart. He makes promises he can’t keep. It’s not that he lied to her. Sagittarians seldom lie. But he makes promises in the heat of the moment which he is unable to fulfil later. By the time he realises that it is already too late.



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