Salary of a Housewife!

A young woman has her wet hair braided by her mother in Chennai


“Homemaker”, doesn’t that sound better??Women who chose to pursue a life looking after their home, husband and kids often have to face the wrath of this double standard society and are called a burden. According to people, they have ultimately failed to make any accomplishments and utilize their education, eventually opting for marriage!

At the other side of coin, the society again pulls down those women who have attained a successful career by calling them carefree and insensitive to family! They often get to hear that their ambition is taking a toll on the needs of their family.

Neeta(27), a MBA graduate chose to marry the man of her choice and settled down for her lovely daughter who is 2 now. She asserts “What needs me most right now, is my daughter! She is too small! I mean I can’t even imagine her alone, or into a nanny’s arms!”. ” I am not trying to overdo it, but really, what means to you more, your kids or a salary?”.

Right enough! That doesn’t essentially say that working women are careless! They might have to earn for a living or for self satisfaction! Human quest is different and variable with every human and everyone has certain aspirations that shouldn’t offend the other.

When asked about, housewives interpreted as a burden, Neeta gave us the most beautiful answer, one would just fell in awe of! ” Have you ever asked your mother, what does she get back to love you in such an unconditional manner? A housewife is just not a wife residing at ‘his’ house! She is the one who is looking after the house, that took his hard earned money to be built. She is filling it with emotions and love, and looking after his kids. Teaching them to be a better individual, in this cold world around. Can it be paid in money? And above all, she is making that house, a home, a place to return to, everyday !”

Whoof! Wasn’t that great! We think homemakers make a salary greater than any other profession in this world. She is a multi-tasker, she is a caretaker, a teacher, a cook, a cleaner, a relationship specialist and a woman who would look after him and his work both! So many professions together at a time, salary?? Uncountable! Priceless!


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