How to get a salon like cleanup at home !!

salon like clean-up at home

A lot of us don’t like going to the salon to get a face clean up, bleach, hair spa or wax. We are always on the lookout of quick-fixes that would save us some pennies. Also, in order to visit the parlor, you have to spare a lot of time cause the procedure is kind of too slow. So if you’re hunting for 110% guaranteed DIY cleanup that will work for you and save your time and money, here’s something for you.


Things you will need :

  • A face wash
  • A mild scrub
  • A moisturizing face pack
  • A face cream

Step 1 :

Wash your face with cold water. Take a Face wash that suits your skin type and wash your face gently with it. If you have oily skin, use a face wash that contains salicylic acid and if your skin is dry, choose otherwise.


Step 2 :

Pollution is the leading cause of dull skin. Visible blackheads that grow on your nose and the area surrounding your nose can only be eliminated using a scrub. Scrub your face with a mild scrub that suits your skin type and get rid of all those nasty blackheads and Dullness.


Step 3 :

To make your skin look soft, supple and glowing, make use of a moisturizer. A moisturizing face pack will lighten your skin and eliminate your blemishes. If you want to make use of a natural moisturizing pack, you many use honey or aloe Vera.


Step 4 :

After you’ve applied your face pack, use a nourishing cream and apply it evenly on your skin and neck to give a soft texture to your skin.


Step 5 :

That’s it! You’re done!



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