We salute Kangana for her undaunted courage

We salute Kangana for her undaunted courage

Now that’s what we call Female Empowerment!

Kangana Ranaut, the three-time National Award Winner – for the movies Fashion, Queen and Tanu Weds Manu 2- has been cluttered by criticisms, but her unwavering valour and integrity has made her rise above it all.

I’m going to tell you which side I am on before you go about thinking it is another controversial, boring piece of news regarding Kangana’s so-called “witchcraft” and mental unsoundness.

Well, it is not. And we are siding Kangana here, okay?


Black Magic and Menstrual-Blood Madness

Not because we support women more than men, but because this man in question is funny enough to accuse his female companion of Literally casting a spell on him using black magic and sorts!

Yes, she might have cast a spell on you because her beauty is beyond compare, and you being of somewhat low success, were awed at this strong, independent, beautiful woman’s affections towards you.

We understand all that Mr. Suman, but how in the world is feeding menstrual blood to somebody equivalent to casting a spell on them? Unless that is one of your fetishes, in no way should that have been a turn on for you to accept it as food.

I can’t force food into my feeble grandmother’s mouth let alone petite Kangana trying to force period-blood into a physically able man’s mouth!


Some Tarot Card reader, huh?

Suman’s son has also claimed that he had once visited a Tarot Card reader who explained what happens every time he wants to break his relationship off:

‘You feel you want to come out of it and every time you make a decision of wanting to come out, you fail and are back at it again.’


Welcome to the reality of relationships, son!We salute Kangana for her undaunted courage

This is the blatant truth. Most of us are dealing with the same issue, of wanting to break it off with our boyfriends/girlfriends, but we begrudgingly, keep going back for more.

So what you’re trying to say is that we are all captive of this black magic, voodoo shit?


No offence intended,

But using Kangana-Hrithik’s dispute as a spark to ignite your own fire, was a miserable futile attempt where you have ended up not only defaming yourself but also established yourself as – to the few Indians who are aware of your existence (thanks to Kangana) – an ignorant, egoistic, delicate coward who can’t have his heart broken by a woman who is superior to him in every sense. Son, ‘Your ego’s writing cheques your body can’t cash!’ Clearly.

“And maybe Suman Junior will realise why he can never be anything more than Shekhar Suman’s son. Or Kangana Ranaut’s ex-boyfriend.”


Men, it’s time to suck it up.

Kangana has clearly won this round with her outstandingly brave and outright honest answers on her latest interview. She has stolen all our hearts overnight!

Kangana, we now look up to you as one of the few feminists who has actually earned the title.


You are a hero, Woman!

You need not fall back on cupcakes, fall back on all those women who are now looking up to you as their idols. With brilliant performances like Queen, there will be some enemies trying to snatch your moment of glory away. But why give a flying donkey about that?

The shame is on society.

For being such hypocrites. All this while, they pretended to back our cause, and when our deepest interests were at stake, they decided to abandon us and entertain witchcraft. It’s sad to know such an illiterate mass of people still exist.

Cheers to Kangana!

For standing her ground. Her unwavering will and integrity is a huge inspiration to women worldwide.

We salute your dauntless spirit and profound emotional strength. God bless your beautiful soul.



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