Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility?

Opposites attract is a very good saying. But attraction is where it ends for them. As many of you may have noticed, we stay longer with the people most like us. So, naturally, a creature from the sea would understand his neighbor better than someone from the land. Water will blend better with water and not fire. And just like that, we have Cancer and Scorpio. The two water zodiac signs, who blend together into a perfect union. But how is that even possible? With the Scorpio man who is so rude when angered. And the Cancer woman who bursts into tears at the slightest hurt. Well, if you keep reading this blog, you’ll find out how that rage and tears blend together into the most perfect couple in the zodiac.

scorpio cancer love compatibility

The Scorpio Man – Cancer Woman Relationship

Put the Scorpio man and Cancer woman together in a crowd. No matter how big the size, they will find each other. There is 5-9 Sun Sign pattern between these two that attracts them towards each other. It is almost magnetic, the pull between them. You will see the same thing with Aries-Leo, Gemini-Aquarius, etc. But long after the other pairings have given up, the Scorpio and Cancer will still persist. With the same strength as when they first fell in love.

When the Earth collides, mountains are formed. When fire collides, there is an uproar before it merges. When water collides, it rises into a beautiful upward wave that mesmerizes the onlooker. The aura of these two zodiac signs merges in a similar wave. And just like water, the aura of a Scorpio and a Cancer has better chances of successfully blending than any other zodiac signs. This pairing is better than all others in more ways that can be written here. So, it is fair to say that they have the most chances of achieving harmony together.

Scorpio Man – Cancer Woman Attraction

 scorpio cancern attraction

The attraction between these two happens at first sight. They may not necessarily recognize it as a romantic attraction. But they will be interested to know more about each other. So, there will be subsequent meetings which will eventually lead them to date. The Cancer female cannot resist the mystery around him. There is so much that he isn’t telling her. So much that no one knows. She will be hooked by just that.

For him, it will be nothing like he has ever felt before (unless he has been with a Piscean woman). He will trust her the first time they meet. There is just something about her that makes him feel like she understands him. This understanding develops into an instant empathy for each other. Both of them have had a hard time being understood. Those experiences and feelings bring them closer together.

She will find in him something that she longs for. Not only does he understand her, he appreciates her. She might have met another man who came close to understanding her. But no one was as good at appreciating her as this Scorpio male.

Scorpio Man – Cancer Woman in Bed

This couple is destined to have a transcendent sexual experience. Such is the compatibility among all water signs. So, let’s take a look at this couple specifically. Both need emotional security and reassurance from one another to attain the full extent of their mating. His love is more intense and yearning than any man she has ever been with. Hers is more romantic and sensitive. Once they learn to accommodate one another, the real magic will happen. He needs to know that she desires him physically. Sex with him isn’t just something to get over the boredom. She actually enjoys the experience as much as he does.

There is usually a strong enough telepathic link between these two. But in case it isn’t fully developed, they need to be aware of one another’s unspoken needs. Ignorance of the same can lead to tensions in the relationship. This tension will most certainly manifest in their sexual experiences. Most importantly, they need to trust each other fully. If they hold back in any way, they can never experience the divine experience of their sexual union.

Cancer Woman – Scorpio Man Problems

As perfect as they are for each other, there certainly will be some fights. He is the master of faking a cold exterior. His coldness and silence, that borders on cruelty will piss her off. She appreciates recognition and expression. Neither of which he gives easily. What the Cancer female needs to know is that this is only shyness and reluctance to admit what he’s thinking. Her uncaring withdrawal will have him on edge. But he needs to realize that she is only trying to protect herself from disappointment.

His jealousy can also put their relationship to test. While he expects unconditional trust from her, she might not deliver the same. This can get in the way of their relationship if she is a feisty crab. Her unfounded fears and smothering possessiveness will make it difficult for him to breathe. The Scorpion lashes out when caged. This behavior of hers will lead to many fights which will be very traumatizing. Not only his burning jealousy, but his revenge compulsion has the potential to break this relationship. She is a sensitive creature who cannot stand the cruel strength of revenge. If she is subjected to it, she might begin to question her love for him.

However, the worst thing for them to do during a fight is to retreat into silence. They will have to be open to communication and dialogue if they hope to resolve their differences. Or else, it will all come pouring out one day. That will be the day when they separate for good.

Can a Cancer female and a Scorpio male have a successful marriage?

cancer scorpio marriage

This couple has very strong chances of resulting in a successful marriage. More often than not, they recognize each other’s faults and learn to live with it. They will rarely find this kind of understanding with anyone else. And that makes them cherish one another all the same. One thing that the Scorpio male will have to keep in mind is that she gets hurt very easily. Even when he doesn’t intend to be hurtful, she might take slightly.

To overcome problems such as these, they will have to develop a better communication channel. However, they would have to work very hard on this though. There exists an understanding between the two that goes deeper than any verbal communication. She senses his deep emotions even when he tries to hide them. Her sensitive nature allows her to act in the most positive way towards him. This kind of comfort will never be found elsewhere by the Scorpio male.

A child or children will play a significant role in strengthening this marriage. It might take the form of them growing as a team to bring this child up. or it may be the grief they share over wanting and not having children. Their own childhood experiences might bring them together in this marriage. They will develop sympathy towards one another. Childhood experiences will make them comfort each other in grief or laugh together on happy memories.


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