How to Make a Scorpio Man Jealous?

Well, my first question to you is, why do you want to poke the scorpion? If you know him you must realize that green is not a good color on him. If you are trying to attract him by making him jealous, that won’t happen. A Scorpio guy can never be made jealous by someone he doesn’t care about. If you are in a relationship with him, then this will only deteriorate your relationship. Go back! But if you are trying to get him back after a break, in that case, this has some chances of working. But fair warning, you and you alone are responsible for the consequences. Should he decide to break ties with you after this, then that’s on you. So, think twice before you keep reading. Ready to enter the den? Here we go!

Re-establish Contact with an Ex-Boyfriend

He is a man who doesn’t like to lose. So, if he feels replaced by someone else, that will get to him. If that someone happens to be a man you have previously been involved with, then that aces the jealousy quotient. This will strike the very core of the Scorpio man’s being. He will not take being forgotten so easily, lightly. In fact, the message that this sends is that he was the more serious one in your relationship. Which is why you could replace him so easily.

He will try to get back in your good books. But the more sensitive ones can get vindictive. That might lead to trouble for you. Because a vengeful Scorpio’s sting is poisonous. So, don’t make it look like you are back in a relationship with your ex-boyfriend. Just the very suggestion that your ex has entered your life again is enough trigger. Don’t try to hit deeper than that. You will regret the consequences.

Strike Fast!

Timing is very important in making a Scorpio guy jealous. If you are trying to make him jealous after the break-up then it might not work. Breaking up is very hard for them. So, if he has made this decision then he must be over you. In which case, all this is futile. So, make sure you use these tactics when you feel like he is close to breaking up. If the break-up came as a surprise to you, then start acting soon as he breaks it to you.

The Scorpio male is a sensitive and emotional being. He might never go back to the person who he broke up with. But he never truly loses all feeling for them. So, it would be easy for a smart woman to bring him back to her. Another thing that you need to make sure is that you understand him well. Not every Scorpio man is the same. This is where the influence of his other planets comes into play. So, understand how his individuality affects his personality.

Succeed at What He Wanted to Achieve

scorpio man jealous traits

Scorpio men are very passionate beings. Their passion is not just limited to love but extends to life as a whole. So, what can be worse for him than seeing someone else living his dream? This works in two ways. He would either want to be around the person who has succeeded at his dream. Or hate that person till the end of his days. So, judge wisely before you choose which dream of his to go after.

For example, if he has always been dreaming to go to Australia, then posting pictures from the Opera House in Sydney, is a good attack. But if there was a promotion he was waiting for, then hijacking that will make him your mortal enemy. Not saying that you should give up your promotion if it was something he wanted. He would never respect you if you did. But don’t go out of your way to ensure that he doesn’t get it. Remember that balance is the most important thing here.

Play on His Insecurities!

You will have to go very low for this one. Are you ready to be this mean? Also, do you know this man well enough to be able to know his insecurities? He is very secretive about his life. But if he trusted you enough to let you in, don’t make him regret it. But, if you are bent on making him jealous, then use his insecurities against him. But do so smartly. You need to play this in a manner that makes him feel like you are all he has left.

Your absence from his life is what has caused this misery. Or that you are the solution to his problem. Also, the more real it is the better. Because if he has gotten back with you under an illusion, then that relationship won’t last. For example, if he feels like his friends judge him for being single, then you are the obvious solution out of this dilemma.

Flirt with Other Men Around Him

This classic move from the old books works perfectly on him. There are two ways to go about this. The first is that you start flirting with the men he surrounds himself with. The Scorpio man is very particular about the people he surrounds himself with. This is a loyal group of people who he likes dearly. So, seeing you trying to attract any one of them will raise alarms. It will be an indicator for him that his unique personality is not so unique after all. His peers are people who are like minded.

So, that means they are in some ways his replica. In order to feel unique again, he would see getting back with you as an alternative. The second way to go about this is being flirted with around him. Is there a guy who is trying to date you? Well, try to encounter him around your Scorpio man. Your popularity will make him second guess his decision. If your timing is right, that is. This is a classic way of playing on the male ego. The Scorpio men will tell you that they never make a decision they are uncertain of. But male ego supersedes all astrological afflictions.

Don’t Become the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

 scorpio man jealous after breakup

 Now, it is important to put this in the end. If you have gotten this far then you are probably already acting like a crazy ex-girlfriend. But even if you are becoming one, try to pretend like you aren’t. or at least keep your wits about you. One of the things that you should make sure is that you don’t break his trust. If he has let you in then you need to guard that sacred trust. Don’t go around telling people about his secrets or mocking him.

Also, don’t do what he doesn’t expect from you. Like, he might not expect you to gossip about his private life. Give him the respect that you would give a loved one. No one expects this of you. Which makes you special and unique. This also makes you a lady, which will help you rise in the eyes of those around you as well. The most important of all is that you don’t go around seeking revenge. Because once you enter that pit, there is no coming back.

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