Scorpio Man and Leo Woman: Love Compatibility?

How do you expect two fierce animals to get along? Ever seen a Lion and a Scorpion walking together? Not only are they from different worlds, but each is also trying to dominate the other. In a stand-off like this one, how can someone expect a healthy relationship? I’ll tell you who can. The fiercely loyal, sunny and gentle Lioness who knows love transcends all. And the emotionally mature and devotional Scorpio, who has fallen in love with the Lioness. Because what divides them, is also what brings them together: the need to get what they want. If your relationship with your Scorpio man has the same passion, then here you will find the secret to make it work with him.

scorpio leo compatibility

Scorpio Man – Leo Woman Attraction

In a regular setting, these two will be just fine. By regular setting, I mean one without the romantic angle. What brings them together as lovers are their mutual respect for one another. They find the same qualities in each other which they most respect. But then comes along their desire to dominate and that is where the problems begin.

Both Scorpio and Leo are fixed signs. Neither has the will to follow. At the same time, both are aware of the harm of being in the company of the other. While the Scorpio man can drown the Leo woman’s fire. She can dehydrate him if her fire is flared. Their similarities can work in their favor or divide them. Both are extremely sensitive. This realization can make them more empathetic towards one another.

But when angered, they may use this to hurt each other. One thing that rises above all else is desire. Both are extremely passionate about their goals and desires. They would do anything to get what they want. When they channel these aspirations towards one another, that is when the impossible happens. Only the most loving of Scorpio-Leo couples can make that magic happen.

Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Problems

When the dating begins, the experience is like none they have had before. The initial attraction between them is based on some common desire. Each finds in other, the one thing they were always looking for in their partner. So long as the charm of that stays, they remain strong. But when the illusion wears off, that is when things get tedious.

One of the most common struggles for the Leo woman is his silence. She believes in expression, he believes in the absence of it. His inability to communicate will drive her crazy. And in her rage, she might even hurt his emotions. His sensitivity cannot recover from a blow. So, the Leo woman needs to ensure she doesn’t overstep her bounds.

When the relationship begins, he’s trying to figure her out. But she will not enjoy being a subject for his study. Even if the study is to figure out whether things will work out or not. He needs to keep his deep, steady gaze to himself. These are intimate things. The kind of things she expects from those she is familiar with. The worst thing for the Scorpio man to do is invade her personal space. He is only doing so to get to know her better. But she doesn’t like familiarity from strangers.


Scorpio And Leo In Bed

scorpio leo relationship problems

Their sexual relationship has the potential of being an extremely soulful experience. But their sexual adjustment is delicate in nature. There’s a thing about Scorpio men, well known among Astrology enthusiasts. They can be mistaken for sex addicts. Focus on the word mistaken. The truth is that the Scorpio men are intrigued by the mysteries of sex. This makes them want to experiment and engage in it as much as possible. Which is a good thing if you can match his sex drive.

In the beginning, his mystical lovemaking will impress the Leo woman. He will give her an experience that she has never had before. But it’s very easy to bore the Leo woman. Soon, she will demand more than just his mystical lovemaking. If she doesn’t get her ideal relationship (which he can’t give unless some other sign in his natal chart makes him more sensitive to her needs), that will affect their sex life adversely.

He will be attracted to her aloof yet fiery charm. That is a lot for him to work with. But her aloofness will start harming his sex drive eventually. Leo woman has this habit of seeking revenge. If she feels scorned, she will deny sex to him. Repeated rebuffs from her can make him cold and distant. Then there might be no turning him back. Repeated denial to fulfill his sexual needs will backfire.

Is Marriage between a Leo Woman and a Scorpio Man a Good Idea?

Anything is possible when two people are in love. The only thing you need to worry about is the strength of your love. The square 4-10 pattern can make things difficult for them. But nothing can’t be resolved if they make enough effort. The one thing that needs to be present in this relationship is the desire to make it work. The worst thing that the Scorpio man can do in this marriage is trying to control her. He will feel the need to teach her a few things. Lessons that she might genuinely need. But she hates nothing more than being controlled by anyone.

Their first fight will be about money. Both are generous spenders. But each tries to teach the other the best way to use their finances. The solution to this is separate bank accounts. There will be a lot of harmony among them if she works too. A Leo woman can never be content being a housewife. An absence of purpose can make her wild. Wildcats are not the best in the domestic setting. He needs to ensure that he doesn’t ignore her. The lioness must always be worshipped. She likes being the center of attention. If he won’t give her attention, she will look for it elsewhere. That is something he won’t like because he gets seriously jealous. The kind of attention she desires will come from other men.

Scorpio husbands are highly possessive. If she pokes him too much he will sting So, the Leo woman needs to make sure that she doesn’t push his jealousy too far. It is in the best interest of this couple that they stay in the same city. Or at least close enough for regular visits. Separation can damage their delicately built relationship. But there is something about them which is distinct. Having a child only increases the woes of a troubled couple. However, for a Leo woman and Scorpio man, raising children can unite them.

Can a relationship between a Scorpio man and a Leo woman work?

This question cannot be answered with a yes or no. Each of them has to learn equally to make it work. The Scorpio man needs to be more expressive about his feelings. She lacks the ability to magically understand what’s going on in his head. So, he has to be more communicative. The Leo woman needs to accept that she can learn a few things from him. She is perfect. But if she doesn’t appreciate an opportunity for growth then that will lead to her decline. He is her opportunity for growth as he has more soul experience than she does.

The Leo woman needs to appreciate the emotional security and exceptional devotion he offers her. She knows it in her heart that no other man will come close to him in this respect. On the other hand, the Scorpio man needs to value her warm, generous, and sunny spirit. Because he knows he won’t find that anywhere else either. But when all else fails there is still something that unites them. Having a common goal will keep them rock solid. When they put their energies into achieving something the synergy is almost magical. Just like a Lioness and a Scorpion together.


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