Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman: Love Compatibitliy?

If you are a Pisces woman reading this blog, I have to say I am surprised. Especially if you have already found a Scorpio lover. Can’t you already tell how magical your relationship is? Can’t you feel the birds singing in the distance whenever you are with him? I bet you can. If you are here to confirm your instincts then be welcomed. If you are a Piscean female wondering which zodiac will complement her best, then this is the man for you. The Scorpio-Piscean union is a match made in heaven. No other zodiac combination comes close to the almost divine connection that these two shares. But if there are still a few problems you can’t conquer, here’s all the advice you need!

scorpio pisces compatibility

The Scorpio Male – Pisces Female Relationship

While everyone else has been fooled by his calm and cool exterior, the Pisces Woman instantly sees what’s hiding behind the mask. There is a deep, almost divine understanding of one another in this couple. They don’t even feel confused with regards to each other. They just know what’s going on. This is also partly because of the 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern vibrating through the Water element. This is more mystical and mysterious, intangible and elusive than the vibes of Fire, Air, and Earth 5-9 pattern.

An outsider may not notice it, but they are magnetically drawn to each other. There is a silent and powerful understanding of their aura. There might not always be a romantic connection between these signs. But there can never be enmity or instant disharmony either. Once they become more than a casual friend, there develops a telepathic communication between them. It is the kind of communication that penetrates through dimensions.

Even after the death of one of them, they can feel each other’s presence. When you look at these two you might feel like he is the stronger one. And while she lets him feel the same way, when push comes to shove, she is the rock that this relationship stands on. There are very few obstacles that they need to overcome to be together.

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Attraction

While for all other couples its anyone’s bet whether they will end up marrying or not, this couple most definitely will. If they don’t then it will still form a bond that will last a lifetime. Very rare 5-9 vibrations end in either active dislike or coolness. Unless they have severe afflictions between other planets in their horoscope, these two will have a beautiful relationship that will result in marriage. It is safe to say that they are made for each other. Something that these two have already figured out.

However, they won’t jump into a relationship. This feeling of finding their soulmate is new to both of them. So, naturally, they will first investigate what it is that they are entering. During the initial phase, they will try to develop trust in one another. This almost always develops. But even when it doesn’t each gains a friend like none other. But nothing will stop the Scorpio male from investing his time in this woman.

She has a feminine aura unlike any other. Her feminine mystique mystifies, alludes, tortures and attracts him. He wants to know more about her. Understand her. Point to what it is about her feminity that has him so hooked. She sees in him a certainty that very few men can exude. And this, despite his other faults, keeps the Piscean woman hooked.

Are a Scorpio Man and a Pisces Woman Sexually Compatible?

pisces scorpio sexual compatibility

There is an emotional connection between these zodiac signs that makes them sexually attracted to one another. The combination and ecstasy they exchange in their sexual intimacy weld them together. Sex is just another way in which their karmic attraction leads to a divine experience. There is an astrological case that should be considered here. The existence of Sun-Moon conjunction, sextile or trine between them, in addition to their trined Suns. In this case, if this couple has loved physically, emotionally, or mentally, they will admit that no experience in the past or future could ever equal this. When you have already scaled the tallest height, can any other climb ever satisfy you?

The silent intensity and complete concentration of his love-making make it difficult for her to ever feel the same satisfaction with anyone else. The miracle of her willingness to both trust him and surrender herself whole leads to this divine experience. Sexual intimacy takes a new meaning for these two once they have been with each other. They understand each other’s needs and give more than what the other asked for. Their sexual intimacy is so strong that that itself prevents them from ever separating.

Scorpio Man – Pisces Woman Problems

After all that I have said so far, it might be difficult to read that there can be problems between these two. Well, if there weren’t, then Scorpios would’ve only married Pisces. But as we know, that is not the case, and here’s why. One of the reasons for a disharmonious relationship between them is their commitment to another. Often when this couple meets when they are in a relationship with someone else, their coupling becomes difficult. Even if they decide to give up their partner for them, this relationship will fail.

Another cause of discontent can be if they are overcome by powerful temptations. When either of them moves towards excesses like drugs, alcohol, etc. their relationship starts heading towards discontent. If she is a whale-type Piscean then his strong-headed and suspicious nature will cause problems. These women are strong and independent. They don’t bow down to any authority especially when it doesn’t make sense. But an average Piscean will not mind these things.

Her tendency to nag will make him lose his temper. The Piscean nagging is very subtle. But he is finely tuned to pick on even the slightest of hints. He will then release a flash flood that will drown their relationship. His cuttingly cruel remarks and her excessive tears, fears, and elusiveness can be the end of this divine relationship. So, even though this match was made in heaven, human handling can cause it to break.

Scorpio Man – Pisces Woman Marriage

pisces scorpio marriage

Marriage between an average Scorpio-Pisces couple is inevitable. Never again will they find someone whom they would love so much. Despite the fights, they will always get back together. If they don’t then they will always long for each other. This longing will last till the day they die. This happens mainly because happy times will always outnumber the unhappy ones.

There are some astrological aspects at play here too. If the aspect between their mutual Suns and Moons is a conjunction, a sextile, or a trine, their love is potentially a gift from gods. This foretells eternal bliss in the marriage for both of them. Who would be stupid enough to reject a gift from God? They will make some of the best memories together. They live life to the fullest when around each other. It wouldn’t be surprising to see both of them mix well with each other’s friends.

Together they will strengthen each other and see the world in a new light. They will soon realize that the presence of their partner is essential for their very existence. So, if you have your heart set on a Scorpio Male, move fast, before some other fish catches him.


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