The importance of learning self-defense

Self-defence is a necessity for all of the human beings; yet when it comes to them who do not have strong physical power to defend themselves, they need special training or equipment for self-defence. So is the case with women; they are vulnerable to mugging assaults, murder or rape attempts. We know how a woman was raped in India on a bus and eventually died due to severe interior injuries; that attack ripped her intestine apart and she hardly lived for a few days in a hospital. It is such a painful death that no one can imagine or wants to imagine; on top of that, she certainly went through immense mental torture and psychological pain, when she was being assaulted. This situation resulted in a nationwide outcry and every woman in India was once forced to investigate into the facts and figures of sexual assaults on women and it is horrifying that every 34 minutes, a rape is committed in India.

This awakening among women is making them realize the importance of a self-defense strategy. They have to leave home for a lot of errands to run; they leave home for education, for a doctor’s clinic, for shopping, for job or merely for having some fun just like the girl rapped on a bus was coming back home after watching Life of Pi with her friend. This makes them all think as to who can provide them protection in the dark alleys of a big city when girls even with their male companions, are assaulted and killed. They are looking for some equipment or training now, which can save them from such assaulters.

Many women like a pepper spray; it makes them feel a bit safer and the idea of spraying pepper in the eyes of offender makes them feel like avenging any girl who might have been their victim, yet it requires some time to draw a pepper spray from the bag and get it ready, in the meanwhile an experienced offender can easily get hold of such a woman and do what he wants. Then there are Tasers as well; nothing feels safer and better than giving the attacker a devastating electric shock and get away from the situation. However, problem is same, not only a taser requires a girl to draw it from her purse but it also requires to get closer to the assailant in order to give him a shock, this is very risky and dangerous. In most of the situations, readiness of an assailant shall be much better than that of a target woman.

In this situation, it is safe to say that women cannot trust any such equipment with their safety; they have to be ‘battle ready’ to tackle such a situation and teach the attacker a lesson, never to be forgotten. Although an Indian ordnance factory has produced a smart and small gun only for women but this situation can only be tackled if women show their determination to master at physically resisting such an attack and cause the attacker immense pain so as to buy themselves some time to rout. Learning adequate martial arts, seem to be the answer to this question that every Indian woman has in her mind.




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