Self Love: How do you do it?


Love yourself. There are many in the world who are not as better off as you probably are! We spend half our lives trying to prove our love for someone else. Some appreciate it, others fail to. Above anything else, you need to be aware of your worth. Give yourself all the love. That’s more important before loving others.

Embrace your uniqueness

You are different than any living being on this planet. So, it is a waste of precious time comparing yourself to others. Doing that only fills you with negative emotions. You are blessed with a specific character and talents. Your journey has its own stories and experiences. Constant comparisons can wear you out since you will always find someone better than you in every respect. Rather, try brushing up things that you wish could be better in you. Strive to be the person you wish to become.

Focus on your strengths

Remember, everyone has an admirer. You might know about it or may not. You might have never paid heed to all the amazing qualities you have. Trust me, take time out. Think. You will find a plethora of qualities you might have been completely unaware of. Write them down. Yes, it helps! Only when you know them, you play them well. You might come across some that you consider completely insignificant. No matter how small, each one counts. Also, be aware of your shortcomings. If you find difficulty in self- assessment, seek a friend’s help. Ask him/ her to be quite honest.

Be confident

Being confident is the best possible way to reflect your love for your own self. Your body language can do wonders to up you personality quotient. Trust all that you are and what you know. Remind yourself constantly how amazingly you have dealt with all the adverse situations. Nobody can make you feel inferior if you love yourself. Convince yourself that the worst times pass and acknowledge that you will only get stronger with experiences.

Pay lesser attention to your appearance

Your appearance isn’t something you should take pride in. It isn’t an achievement. You can’t do much about it. But nonetheless, it is undeniable that beauty standards are different for different people. In fact, they vary with places. In fact, do things that go beyond just a pretty face. Rather, be presentable. Groom yourself if you have to. Make your better you, the best!

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