Sex games to spice up your bedroom

Sex games to spice up your bedroom

In order to attain deep knowledge about a topic one needs to do thorough research and in order to keep that knowledge valuable, one needs to stay updated. Well! This formula doesn’t only apply for your professional careers, it stays as a top essential in your personal life too. Coming straight to the point, we intend to say that staying updated is equally essential for your ‘Sex life’.

If your bedroom scene isn’t spiced up, then my friends you better call it a boardroom. One has to be innovative and fun in bed to keep the sexual charisma alive in a relationship. We are here with some amazing and well researched ideas that you must incorporate in your sex life. These are not mere ideas but some really interesting games that you should play with your partner.

  • 60 Seconds Flame

Sex games to spice up your bedroom

This can be ultimate fun if played when your house is filled with guests or when you are out on a party. You have to set the timer of just 60 seconds and hide somewhere in the house and your partner is bound to search you and make love to you till second base. Hide in the corners of the house to get more hot and rascally. This is a really thrilling game and the added fact that you might skip a beat in the fear of having audience to your love making scenes will boost the passion.

  • Brisk Blindfold

Sex games to spice up your bedroom

We have seen them in movies and must have fantasized about them. They are one of the most potent sex toys ever made-the blindfolds. This game comes with a little twist wherein your partner should be wearing a blindfold and it should be the only thing he is wearing. You have to spell out sexually naughty words on his body which he has to guess right. If he does, he gets the opportunity to fulfill the act. Use whipped cream or hot chocolate to spell out the words.


  • Tickle Battle

Sex games to spice up your bedroom

This is the simplest of all. You must be aware about your partners tickle points. In a time span of 30 seconds you have to tickle your partner away. If your partner giggles or chuckles out in that time period then he has to fulfill your three top sexual favors that you demand from him. Undertake the game with a little cleavage show to make him long for more! (Winks)

  • Wicked Reading

Sex games to spice up your bedroom

Reading can turn out to be the sexiest element in bed if the right passage from an erotic book is read out. Take out a book to bed, pour a glass of wine and get naked. Eventually, start reading the most sensual paragraph in the book with only the reading lights on. Narrate the story in your sexiest voice and while narrating keep fiddling your hands gently on his body parts. This will not only ignite his imaginations but arouse him to next levels and very soon you’ll be writing your own erotic passage.


  • Outdoor Ventures

This is the riskiest but the most thrilling and exciting of all. You and your partner have to go bold in public with 10 seconds of PDA. The daring sexual attempt should be at a level where you haven’t been before. The one who succeeds receives one point. This can be repeated for days and weeks and the points scored will only be redeemed by sexual favors. Pull your socks up as this will definitely need some good guts!

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