Sex habits of happy couples decoded!

 Sex habits of happy couples decoded!

Thanks to cinema, all of us are likely aware about the ingredients to happy marriage. Ever wondered that even after being equipped with so much know-how about a healthy relationship, why do we fail to implement them? Well! There could be different reasons and stories behind every love story. But there are certain aspects to a relationship that make a couple last long and last happily.

It is true that every relationship has its own hurdles and haywire. This does not have to mean that love isn’t worth it. Love is absolutely worth all the stormy tides and gloomy days! The world has witnessed endless number of couples who have proven that there is nothing as valuable as love.

There are certain things that happy couples do right and perhaps we don’t that keeps the charm and allure alive in them.  What are they? Let us find out.



A happy couple will always concentrate on their sexual activeness. They will never compromise on this, as having sex is the best way to exchange love and is an intimate celebration.  Having sex on a regular basis make the couple feels close to each other. Taking gaps is absolutely okay as it is only a preparation for a mad-hot sex brimming with passion. You can always fix your numbers and have your action according to your scheduled time but make sure you do not avoid your sexually cherished time.



Sex habits of happy couples decoded!

One thing that Indian couples struggle with is, PDA. They are scared to appreciate each other’s touch in public areas. On one hand it is completely understandable, as the society we live in is shallow but you need to realize that there is nothing wrong in it. Happy couples aren’t scared of PDA. They hug for no reason, exchange surprise kisses and back rub with affection. These small but ignored gestures can actually build the strongest of bonds. As they say ‘less is sometimes more’, it exactly applies here. This trivial but intense mode of contact takes care of the warmth of emotions inside you. So next time, don’t hesitate to touch out of bed!



They know how to utilize the make-up sex. Usually couples place ego on top while they are having make-up sex, this makes the whole purpose go in vein. When you exactly know how to deal with tiffs without spiraling out loud speeches and the blame-game, you are in an exclusively peaceful zone. It is normal to have clashed opinions and different perspectives to a matter, but that shouldn’t separate your emotional beings. Happy couples know how to maintain peace and harmony while at the same time communicating their contextual sides clearly. The purpose of make-up sex is to silently converse that even though I am mad at you; your love is always respected and so are you!



Sex habits of happy couples decoded!

Couples who stay happy stick to reality. They do not get carried away with a ’50 Shades of Grey’ or a ‘NOTEBOOK’. They make sex look real. This doesn’t mean they are boring and not experimental. This simply means that their predicaments are not followed by Bollywood or Hollywood style judgment makings. They keep the scene real and do not pressurize each other on any sexual grounds. They like being rational and giving sex a practical picture. They understand each other’s limitations very well and do not drain each other with the pressure of comparisons and emotional liabilities.



Happy couples make each other special with a special sex or any kind of romantic adventures. This helps in keeping the charisma alive. Happy couples are fond of being fond of each other and this is very important. Otherwise, it will always keep you drenched in calculating who did what and who contributed how much and your relationship will almost look like a mathematical index. This is the most important factor that keeps a couple happy. It is important to realize that your partner is your other half and he/she should be taken care of. Unless you realize this, you will always take their presence in your life for granted. Dedicating time and energy into a relationship can only make it grow.


Although sex is just one aspect of a healthy and hearty relationship but it has the power to rule out troubles and arguments, provided if you know how exactly to use your sexual intimacy for a much more romantic and stable relationship where both of you feel content and happy.



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