Sex in India: Is it still a taboo?


Sex in India: Is it still a taboo?

Sex before marriage, sex after marriage, virginity, tradition, love, marriage, sexuality aren’t we tired of hearing those same topics for years! Well, the big question is “has the society changed or is it still lacking behind modern thinking?  Since years sex is considered as a taboo in most reserved countries. We are not allowed to talk about it, think about it, as it considered as a ‘’bad ‘’ thing. In extreme cases, it’s also referred to as cheap and vulgar. But as soon as the sex discussions shifts to marriage wise, it’s considered as pure and holy. Till when we will deal with such situation? It’s the 21st century!

Why is sex still a taboo?

Sex in India: Is it still a taboo?

Now let’s define the society we are living in today: educated, experienced, independent, career oriented, modern, fast growing , almost same rights for both gender as both usually work. Then why is sex still a taboo? Why doesn’t it figure in the new modern world? Maybe we have failed to reason the ones who are still following the old practices.

It has been a debatable topic since years to understand why sex outside marriage is still regarded as a taboo. Even nowadays, sex education at school is considered as a reluctant conversation. Some teachers are giving the sex education message through horror stories. Students are still being educated to learn that sex before marriage is dirty and immoral and that abstinence is the only possible way. But will these future students, say in ten years still remember this class message? Most of them will definitely be prone pre-marital sex.

It’s not something to hide, the pre-marital does exits, in every society, in every culture or beliefs, but why is it still a taboo? Why are people still uncomfortable about it? Is it because the fear of being judged by the society or we because we want to preserve a good image?

Sexual desires are basic needs

Sexual need is just like the need for food or water it is a primary need. So why can’t the society legalize pre-marital sex ? There are still many homes where the sex word should never be uttered. Parents are still reluctant to talk about it so with whom will the kids learn from? At schools, teachers are feeling shy to talk about it, are they scared of the children’s reactions and questions or of the society? Our society completely disapproves of ‘’making out, kissing’’ situations whereas in foreign countries such as USA and in some part of Europe it’s a completely normal behaviour. So where is the lacking?

What does the future hold?

Sex in India: Is it still a taboo?

Future belongs to the youth. We are currently living in a society where people are being highly educated and this includes both male and female. Among the ‘’reserve and shy’’ societies we do have some who are taking the initiative to change the mind-sets. Today’s youth are settling in modern relationships. They are working together and managing a healthy sexual lifestyle. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to break the existing stereotyped society. We cannot change everyone’s mind-set, but we can surely start it. Change should start at home, talk with your family, it’s a very awkward topic, but if you want a free India, free mind-set and the non-judgmental state of mind starts at home.

To create a modern and free society changes should start now. Sex education should not teach children that pre-marital sex is an offence. Most important is teach them to respect others. Future should become a land of respect and freedom and we should all be able to talk about sex in India freely!


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