Sex and Protection: Why Indians seek answers online?

Sex and Protection: Why Indians seek answers online?

Puberty hits and so does the curiosity on the topic -SEX. It is not only a three letter word but a whole new world to us. We, the Indian ladies are really good at covering our curiosity when it comes to sex. But let’s be honest, we don’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to positions, masturbation, types or diseases in the world of sex. I am sure you must have checked online the minute your friend mentioned some new detail and would have achieved mastery over that topic. Yes, you chose the internet over your friend for the answers and why did you do this. Maybe you didn’t want to be the only one who wasn’t aware of it. Similarly, following are the reasons that Indian ladies chose the internet for their sexual problems and queries.



There you stand pitching in your question regarding sex like a defense lawyer hoping that your objection doesn’t get overruled by the judge. Initially, we tend to ask questions regarding sex to our friends, brothers and sisters but later we realize that they judge us for every question we ask and every answer we give that involves sex. We don’t want to be the only one unaware of it and reveal our limited knowledge on the subject. Gradually, to avoid people from judging us we turn to the internet with all our questions, be it contraceptives or masturbation. Now, when you ask your sexual questions online, your identity is hidden and so there is no way anybody could judge you. Nobody wants to be judged but when topics like sex pop up people of India tend to judge and this happens only because of the lack of awareness about sex.



Sex and Protection: Why Indians seek answers online?

A lot of us wouldn’t have been aware of the scientific reason or process of periods unless we checked it online. Apart from the pleasure related questions, many questions regarding sex would have got answered in the sex education classes. But wait! do all the schools have sex education classes and if yes are these classes given the importance it requires? Sex wouldn’t have been a controversial topic in India if the teachers taught about sex with no restraint and the girls didn’t find it embarrassing. Ladies lets talk about it and change the trend and educate the young women about sex.



Sex and Protection: Why Indians seek answers online?

How many times have you or your group gone silent when the topic-Sex came up? Do we ladies in India discuss the positions or pleasure that sex gives? Do we even talk about the biological reason behind sex? Well, honestly I don’t think so. I agree that your sex life might be private but sex is not, then why do we hesitate to talk about it. Sex is an important and crucial part of a ladies life, it is the reason you become a mother and so it requires to be explored and understood with the different perspective. Don’t let the silence over this topic continue.



If you are a mother you would understand this better. How many times have you thought of talking about puberty and sex to your kid but you couldn’t because you didn’t know what was the right approach to it. Or were you worried that the knowledge you provide might excite them and lead them to the non-realistic fantasy and dark side of sex? Believe me, you will never find a right approach because there isn’t any. You will just have to have “the talk” before its too late and the want becomes a need. Be open so that your kids can turn to you for answers and advice.



Sex and Protection: Why Indians seek answers online?

You must have experienced the shift in the emotions from happy to awkward when one utters the word SEX. We find it uncomfortable giving or getting answers when it comes to sex or sexual diseases. We corner ourselves saying that it’s a private matter and we don’t have to talk about it. We hear a voice in our head that goes like”Awkward…Awkward” and then we are done with the topic of sex. We, Indian ladies also tend to change the channel when an advertisement on contraceptive products is played. Well, it’s not that awkward as you think. Try talking about it to your friends and you will enjoy the topic and find something new about it. Everybody is equally excited to talk about sex, but they just don’t want to be the first one to talk. Be the first one and see the awkwardness fly away in the air.



Overlooking the other fears and building up the courage of asking a question regarding masturbation or anything related to it will only end with all the WH- questions in front of you ton answer. Ladies, one question about it and you will have tons to answer. To avoid these set of questions, people prefer the internet. You ask your question and get multiple replies and nobody questions you back regarding it. But make sure that you find answers to your question which are realistic and factual. Well, we type our questions and get our answers, but let’s make sure that this doesn’t result in making sex a further more controversial topic. We live in the generation of technology which is developing every second as you are reading this article. But, are we really developing in the areas we need to as humans. Are we giving importance to Sex education as much as it deserves? It is a question to think about.
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