Sex toys gaining popularity in India

Sex toys gaining popularity in India

Sex toys are becoming a common place among Indian women.

India is going through a sexual revolution. Where women were once shy and embarrassed about their sexual needs, they are now openly claiming their sexual rights.Submission is a thing of the past and domination is trending.

29-year-old entrepreneur, Chauhan is India’s first business lady to build an online start-up dealing with adult sex toys. Lubricants, massagers, sex games, creams, every sex toy is available at, an e-commerce site that is still in its infancy. By the way, here ‘e’ stands for erotic and 40% buyers are women!

What is clearly missing is the female perspective on sexuality and intimacy,” says Ute, co-founder of LoveTreats. Her motive behind starting LoveTreats, an online community where women can read about love, sex, and sexuality through blogs, videos, and articles to add missing female perspective to the Indian sexual wellness market story.

Ute explains, “A large portion of the Indian sexual wellness market consists of products like gels, sprays and creams that are advertised to change or “enhance” a woman’s body parts. Condom ads never seem to be about safe sex or partnership; instead, they almost always show a woman who is seducing or pleasuring a man in some way.” She wants to change this. She wants to women to be treated equally at the receiving end.

But women are getting bolder. They have started demanding their rights. Things are changing faster than we can imagine!



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