Brutal sexual attack on Kerela woman

Brutal sexual attack on Kerela woman


‘I see humans, but no humanity.’

In Kerala, Perumbavoor, a 30-year-old law student from Dalit had been allegedly raped then grotesquely murdered. There have been several huge protests and oppositions thereafter, in spite of which the State Police still remained slow with their progress.

Investigation continued, and this Tuesday, they made two arrests claiming that one of the two suspected had been spotted going over to the house of the victim.

Something razor-sharp had been pierced into her genitals, said a Mathrubhumi report, that the Police had full proof of. The entire state of Kerala is protesting and opposing, in the social media and the streets, making every one recall that Rape and Murder are not pretty offences. These are vile and traumatizing Capital Offences. The sooner people realize this, the better. Or incidents like this and Nirbhaya (the brutal gang-rape in Delhi) will soon spread like a vicious epidemic. I shudder at the very thought of it.

OommenChandy – Cm, announced that there will be severe punishment for the wrong-doers, that justice will be served. He also added that the Central Zone IG has been handed over the matter to probe deeper into.

The Home Minister will also be paying his condolences to the bereaved family.


The Incident:

It has been reported by the media, that the mother had come back to find her daughter completely covered in her own splatter of blood in her one-bedroom apartment at 8:30 PM, on the 28th of April. It is between 2 PM – 5 PM, she had been sexually assaulted and savagely murdered.

During these hours, was she not only physically abused and raped, but also, the insides of the girl had been hauled out. Being ambushed with razor-sharp weapons, overall she suffered from 30 injuries and two deep gashes on her chest.

The girl, who was victim of this unforgivable offence, was seen by her neighbours last, out getting water, according to NDTV’s reports. No one heard any shrieks or cries. The bereaved mother had to be hospitalized by the Police as she was hysterical at the sight of her daughter’s horrifyingly painful death.

The head of the investigators, Anil Kumar, had reported to The News Minute that the autopsy results showed evidence of sexual assault but did not give concrete proof of rape.

Ernakulam Range IG Mahipal Yadav said to the PTI,

“It was a brutal murder. There were stab injuries on her body. We suspect she was subjected to smothering and strangulation.”


While the sister of the victim believes that it was some sort of vengeance taken by their relatives with whom she had had a dispute on that very day, the others doubt the culprits were immigrants working in that region. But in no way are the offenders mentally unsound.
If those men were prepared enough to have weapons to wound and sexually abuse a person, their intentions are very much loud and clear to us.

We demand justice for we can no longer deal with such insecurity and cruelty. If animals can be human enough to look after one another, how uncivilized and uneducated are we to tear each other apart in this cold-blooded, barbaric manner?



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