Sexual Orientations And All You Need To Know About Them!

Sexual orientations have never been as important as they have been lately. People are becoming more aware of various types of sexualities and are even coming out of the closet with it. While you may have heard some of the common sexual orientations like straight, lesbians, gay etc. There are still a number of sexualities that have been discovered which we are still unaware of. For a very long time, people have ignored what they feel and many have felt isolated because they weren’t recognized. Yes, few countries still do not support the sexualities, nonetheless there’s nothing wrong in learning about them.

Truth be told even I do not know what all of them are and what exactly they mean. But I tend to fix it and have learned a few things which I m going to explain. It doesn’t really matter that you do not feel the same way like them but what matters is that if you know the sexual orientations of each other you understand people better. You can connect better with them.

Here’s a list of sexualities that you need to be informed about:


Heterosexual or Straight

Sexual Orientations And All You Need To Know About Them!

I m sure you know this one because everyone is considered a heterosexual around the world until and unless the supposed person admits that he/ she is not. Heterosexual people are the ones who are attracted to the opposite gender or sex. By this we mean- a man is attracted to a woman and a woman is attracted a man.


Gay is a homosexual term. Gay is a sexuality in which a man is attracted to his own gender. Gay refers to a man who is sexually and romantically attracted to other men. They also want to spend their whole life with men. As of yet not all the countries over the world have recognized same-sex marriage. In fact, they are not even given the rights and it is punishable in many countries.


Sexual Orientations And All You Need To Know About Them!

Even this is a homosexual term. Lesbian is a term used to describe when a woman is attracted to another woman. The acceptance of lesbian sexuality is same as gay. Not all the countries have legalized same-sex or lesbian marriages. It suffices to say that same-sex marriage is not only a social or political issue but a religious issue in many countries.


If you have heard of gay and lesbians then I’m sure you might have also heard about bisexuality. Bisexuality is something that lies in between homosexuality and heterosexuality. A bisexual person is sexually attracted to both woman and man; in short, he/she is attracted to both the genders. They can choose to be with either a woman or a man to be romantically involved and be happy with them forever.


Now we are entering the unknown territory. I know most of you might have not even heard about this. Pansexuality is also known as omnisexuality. Pansexual people are the one who are gender blind. Gender blind means they do not have a gender preference. They can be emotionally, sexually or romantically involved with any gender or any sex regardless of their gender identity. There are not many people with such sexuality but they definitely exist. It may even be considered as a branch of bisexuality.


This term is very much like pansexuality but it is not quite expansive. People who often have come out as polysexual are said to be attracted to different genders like transgender, third gender people etc but not all of them. Generally, polysexual activity is prohibited by many religions.


Asexuality is a kind of sexuality that not all of us might want to believe. But this does exist and it is important for us to be informed about this. Asexuality means lack of attraction or particularly sexual attraction to others. They do not have any desire when it comes to sex for them. But that doesn’t mean they do not have any romantic feelings towards others. They do have romantic involvement but nothing related to sex.



This is a confusing one. In fact, those who are demisexual, they do not realize it themselves. People sometimes believe that they are asexual because of the lack of sexual desire towards anyone. But it so happens that suddenly a particular person might awaken sexual desire in them which might leave them confused.

Demisexual people have sexual desire for people only when they have a strong emotional bond and connection with someone. Only after they establish an emotional connection with someone they can think sexually about them.



Sexual Orientations And All You Need To Know About Them!

This sexual orientation falls under the asexual umbrella. These are the ones who think they are asexual but might feel sexual desire at a very rare and random time. They feel sexual desire only under certain conditions or at a rare time here and there.



Autosexual orientation is something that might leave people confused. This type of sexuality occurs when the person is aroused by himself. They do not have sexual desire for anyone other than themselves. They satisfy themselves by masturbating.



I know the list is getting weirder but these are few sexualities that have been discovered in past few years and being informed about them is going to do us no harm. This sexuality can be defined as the people who are sexually attracted to men and particularly to masculine features. If a woman possesses masculine features they might get attracted to her as well. So androsexual person can like men and women as well, as long as a woman has masculine features.



Sexual Orientations And All You Need To Know About Them!

Gynosexual are opposite to androsexual. They are attracted to feminine features. So gynosexual are people who can be attracted to both women and men as long as men have feminine features or appear to be feminine in nature.

So that’s it, guys. This is the list of sexualities which contains some sexualities with which you are familiar with and some sexualities are those which you might not have heard of. I hope this was helpful for you to be informed about the sexualities that exist. But it is really sad to say that many countries still consider LGBT marriages and intercourse as a criminal offense. While some countries have legalized the same sex marriages, some countries are not even ready to accept that such sexual orientations exist. Although transgender and third gender sexuality have been given some civil rights. They are now also allowed the voting rights.

Perhaps now you might think some sexualities are not what you thought about them. That’s why stay informed and learn more about how people feel and desire.


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