Sexual strengths and weaknesses of each Zodiac sign!

Everybody is not similar in bed. People are diverse and so are their performances on bed. This article combines the strength and weakness of each zodiac when the lights go dim.

Sexual strengths and weaknesses of each Zodiac sign!


They give the best surprises and their energy is jaw dropping on in bed. They like to rule in bed and do not like taking things at a slow pace. Often their desire to be the best turns the pleasure appear more like a competition. This can turn off their lovers who might be seeking a leisurely slow romantic sex.



This zodiac is ruled by Venus and is known for sensuality. They like drama in bed. They appreciate the sweet smell of perfume, soft fabrics and good light music. They like detailing and hence, they won’t haste into undressing their partners. They like enjoying every touch and know how to turn you on. Their weakness lies in the fact that they lack spontaneity and they often prep their tricks. They also have a traditional attitude to sex which could be a setback for many.



Known for their energy and enthusiasm on bed, they are pros at establishing instant connection in bed even if they are having sex with a stranger. They are active and their sex style is sensuous and erotic. The problem with Geminis are that they are very moody and as soon as they turn you on, they can opt for simply Netflix and no chill.



They are pros at making you feel safe and homely. Their affection is contagious and they are very sweet in bed. They will do all the cute things for you and make your feel special. Don’t be surprised if you feel that you guys have had sex before many times even though you haven’t seen him before ever. Such is the connect with a Cancerian. The only problem with them is that soon after the sex is over they are totally opposite and detached. This may lead you to confusions and a feeling of shallowness.



Sexual strengths and weaknesses of each Zodiac sign!

They are supremely romantic zodiac and are very passionate in bed. They like setting up the mood and making extra efforts by decorating the perfect ambiance. They know how to win your heart. The only issue with them is they are too much in love with themselves that they often land up being lazy. They will expect you to do more and will be a little low in showing affection.


Virgo is one zodiac that will make you feel lucky that you are sharing your bed with them. They are super pleasers and their skills will make you their fan. Their efficiency in satisfying someone on bed is unmatched. The only complain you will have about them is that they do not take initiatives. They know how to tag themselves once the scene is on but they will never initiate sex. Sometime this makes the other person in-charge of the whole sexual intimacy which is a drawback.



Their priorities in bed is what is the most amazing quality about them. They totally embrace partnership and chivalry in bed. They like treating sex like a beautiful experience and do not like a mechanical form of engagement. On the flip side, their countenance nature and their inability to convey their emotions makes the other person uncomfortable.



If it is sex, these guys are the rulers. It is like cakewalk to them and they do not like being limited. If you are going to be in bed with them, make sure there are no boundaries as they are limitless and they do not like rules and regulations. Being free spirited, they will give you the best sex and will devote you into asking for more. On the contrary, they are terrible secret keepers and they like to control everything.



Sexual strengths and weaknesses of each Zodiac sign!

Having sex with a Sagittarian is almost equivalent to taking a vacation. Open minded, optimistic and passionate in nature, they are explorers and will help you create incredible memories. The issue with them is that they are loners at heart and no matter how affectionate the sex is you may feel objectified. This nullifies the wholesome experience of sex with a Sagittarian and can make you feel timid in the end.



They are the kink masters. They will get you to believe that they are the best and gentleman like but in real they have a dirty mind which is essentially sensuous in bed. They are poker faced but that is their secret weapon to giving you an amazing experience of sex. They will begin slowly but end up making your face red.



They are open-minded and complete freaks. Since they love innovating with their techniques in bed, things may feel a bit mechanical. Their non-judgmental nature allows you to be like a free bird and experiment what your heart says.




They are instinctive and affectionate. They make sex  a blissful experience and they do not believe in taking calculative moves. They are easy going and spontaneous which adds on to the pleasure in bed. They will possibly do things that you hinted you liked and will show you that they care. The only drawback is that in the end you may find yourself in an emotional trap as they can get dramatic and overloaded with sentiments.


Not everyone reveals their sexual personas when your first meet them but their zodiac signs can get you a lot of vital information that you need. These were the pros and cons of every zodiac. So, next time you get involved with a guy who are likely to know how they are going to be in bed.

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