Sexuality and Indian women – where is it going?

The sexuality in India is impacted by major political, legal and psychological aspects. Sexuality is a topic not many would discuss openly in India yet on the other end you can see, female actors wearing seductive costumes in every other frame.


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Sexuality has become a popular mode of entertainment in India now. Unlike old times, India has opened up to erotic scenes in movies, dramas, commercials and what not? People even love watching a movie if there is single sexy item number like “Sheela ki jawani” or at least the song will be watched by majority of the men over a hundred times, repeatedly. Like Vidya Balan says in the movie, Dirty picture, the reason for success of a movie is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. I believe it is crystal clear what sort of entertainment she is talking about.



Sexuality and Indian women - where is it going?

On the other side you can witness, rape has become very common crime in India being a sign of the uncontrollable desire arising from such ENTERTAINMENT. Women are seen more like sexual products who can be used as desired by men. No matter how progressive the country is in literacy, the Indian psyche is still tilted towards male domination.

The popular gang rape of the girl in 2012, has brought a further sense of insecurity of women being safe in public places. That was just one incident out of the many which are happening on daily bases. An Indian politician, Mulayam Singh Yadav of the socialist party declared that women who have a sexual intercourse before marriage should be hanged to death. My question is, what about the men? If law in India had a gender, it would be male as a court in Dehli, India ruled that forceful sex after marriage is not rape. Again, a male chauvinist judgment indicating women as objects being used.



Sexuality and Indian women - where is it going?

You might be thinking I am only talking about the conservative society of India. Well, even if we talk about the liberal and open community of India. Our entertainment industry, Bollywood also showcases sexy and erotic scenes as a normal public attraction. When you see a female actor marry some male actor, the male actor will continue to come with the hot newbies whereas it will be the end of the career for the female. The reason being very simple, they are now respected wives of some prestigious actors.

My question is that where is India going? What is the actual Indian culture? Is it the women on Star Plus who live happily after an arranged marriage, wears saris, takes care of the children and spend the time in the kitchen? Or is it the voluptuous women dancing half naked demanding attention from every single male in the room? How do you define a girl from a decent family and a girl from a notorious family? Well it depends, if the woman is your wife or not. The double standards still continue in India. Like it or not our society still is about what the man wants.



Is sexuality still under the covers?

Should we accept nudity?

Women stand up for your rights!



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