Here’s why a woman’s sexuality needs equal respect as a man’s!

sexuality of a women

Pleasure is a human right for women too:

A woman feels often dominated by the patriarchal system and can be looked down by society and religious or political heads and sometimes even in their families. They hardly have a say, and their preferences are often ignored. They are prevented to visit places of worship; sometimes their opinions are not welcome. Discriminating rules alienate women from men and creates prejudices.


The General Prejudice:

Sexuality of a woman

The sexual needs of a woman are ignored. Women are de facto considered to be docile creatures, with no sexual feelings or inclinations, and have sex only when initiated by men, this is the general notion. This needs to be rectified. Women can’t be plainly objectified for sex, and then their needs get unseen and unnoticed. Women can’t stay passive. Every person is a sexual being and has specific needs, whether they are emotional, physical, sexual, psychological.


The blasphemy:

Sexuality of a woman

There is a word in the English Oxford Dictionary which describes a woman to be a nymphomaniac, if she is inclined to sleep with many men. On the contrary, there is no such word for the male gender. A nymphomaniac is a person who requires medical attention, whereas a man who has sexual needs and has multiple sexual partners is not treated as suffering from a disorder, and is rather never criticized. Since when did disease become gender specific?


The stance we need to take:

In order to gain gender equality, we need men to understand that we are equal and that we require sex and pleasure just as they do. Of course, we are not questioning faithfulness in a relationship, or we are not debating on polyamorous marriages, but about the recognition of needs. It’s more about recognizing and understanding anatomy, physiology and psyche of a woman, and granting her equal positions. Only then things will change.


Society needs to consider that sex is a basic need of every grown up adult, prejudices of these kinds cannot be tolerated by the feminine gender anymore.



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