What does your shade of lipstick say about your personality?

 What does your shade of lipstick say about your personality?

We are all self-conscious about how we look like. That’s why we take enough time to select the right outfit, the correct footwear, the different hair style to make ourselves presentable to the society. The way you carry yourself is a reflection of one’s own personal sense of style. Today fashion is not only regarded in terms of clothing, but also beautifying one’s entire etiquettes through a proper demonstration of choosing the best colours. Have you ever wondered regarding the hidden meaning of each lipstick shades? Preferably not! Because when we apply it on our lips we are judging the exterior fashionable statement.  But always remember one’s sense of self-style is fashionably executed though true keenness and understanding. We all have our own personal favourite colours. But we ignore them because they are considered as non-living and that’s the biggest mistake. Colours not only enriches the faded texture of your lips, but also speaks in return about your own personality.



What does your shade of lipstick say about your personality?

The colour RED as we all know depicts passionate, rage, sizzling, sexy emotions. If you apply red lipstick it means that you are bold enough from within. You are gregarious and dauntless and do not get swayed away by non-sensual vehemence as well as do not give others a chance to dominate you. You do have mood swings but it doesn’t stop you from making decisions. This red colour portrays a self-reliance and impudence to the realm so much so that even a shy person can have a transformation from being naïve to the ultimate vigorous construction of oneself. On the other hand, SUBTLE REDis all about being reserve and self-effacement.  It however doesn’t mean that you are not a socialite. What it implies is that one cannot understand you on the first notice, but gradually throws light on the vastness of your life.



What does your shade of lipstick say about your personality?

MAUVE as we know it is that lipstick colour which is somewhat silent and soft pedaled, but also embraces shades of both violet and grey. Since VIOLET or PURPLE somewhat has the nearest shades if not fully it depicts a royal personality signifying dynamism, magic, extravagance compiled with a little enigma. A woman who applies the MAUVE colour is considered not so loud, gaudy or vulgar since the mauve shade implies a quiet attitude. However, this doesn’t exactly mean that the fellow person is weak and mild. This shade actually juxtaposes the trait of being methodized and calm in outlook, since the decisions taken are categorically enhanced. There is a hidden effectiveness in this colour’s sophistication.



What does your shade of lipstick say about your personality?

PINK lipstick, an unexpressed version of red, represents a kind of worldly love or sentiment.  This colour is a free-flowing texture of loving all things beautiful. Pink wearers are considered adorable since their innocence is highlighted more than anything else. Most preferably the BABY PINK shade depicts your personality in loving soft, cute stuffs and has a charm of its own which makes you consider indeed captivating and darling. This colour has a pleasant touch and are soothing to the eyes. However, on the other hand HOT PINK SHADE is all about exploring new adventures, experiences and trying everything new which you haven’t tried before.   Hot pink wearers do not hesitate to take decisions and can undergo any risk to show their fierce side.



What does your shade of lipstick say about your personality?

TAUPE OR BROWN SHADE lipsticks is all about portraying a profound bond. One who applies brown/ taupe lip colour are usually considered nature lovers since they feel connected to the roots of the wild flora and fauna. Taupe/brown wearers maintains a balanced persona and hence considered as bearing a positive, loyal, constant mindset such that one can rely upon that person without much hesitation.  It is their attitude in being straight forward that do not waste time on meaningless and depthless hook-ups. You believe in yourself and find meaning in those which you feel are considerable enough.



The colour ORANGE is all about representing the warmness. By imagining the bright round mass of the hot sun the deeper shades of orange depicts ardour, enthusiasm, vehemence and zeal. Orange wearers are usually fun loving people but it is their fervent glow from within which makes them different from others. The mental activity takes place in a full-fledged manner since the orange shade subtracts the lower faulty attitude in others and in return suggests a cordial warm-heartedness.



What does your shade of lipstick say about your personality?

PEACH lipstick is a shade where this particular colour wearers depicts their true personality. Neither do they flaunt, nor do they show off. They remain rooted in their originality and has a deep love and respect towards family and friends. There is no twist and turn in your inner attitude and when you help others you do it from your heart. You intend to spend a quality time with all your love, care and affections for near and dear ones. Since you also expect the same generosity from others, it is your kindness that makes a doorway to their hearts.



A BLACK shade lipstick does not necessarily mean that you are a cynical, gloomy, evil or disavowal person. But yes, it definitely reflects the dark side of your personality. You are pretty serious in your approach and do not get easily amused with your surroundings. Black lipstick wearers usually find unique colours like yellow, green, blue as not so happening since for them they are too glittering and therefore, prefers to remain attracted to the colours of dusky, starless shades. You opt for movies, music and books which are not read by the general masses since you prefer a shallow gait. But nevertheless, they are interesting people since their personality arouses in our minds curious questions to be asked for to keep exploring the non-lightness in them.


From next time on whenever you apply a shade on your lips make sure you remember that they too can speak volumes. So, which one is you? And which shade do you wish to opt for?



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