Is Shakeology Vegan Friendly?

 Meet Shakeology

Is Shakeology Vegan Friendly?

If you have not heard about Shakeology, you might have recently started your trip in the ocean of meal replacements and diet supplements. So, an introduction of Shakeology is what we should start with. It is a famous brand of a diet shake to substitute a full meal within a day. If compared to the other solutions in the market, this product offers a special set of additives called Shakeology Boosts that are supposed to be incredibly useful. The goal of this article is to find out whether the vegans can use this meal replacement. The answer is simple and fast they could not…until recently. Today, this famous MR product offers two additional flavors for the vegan users – vegan tropical strawberry and vegan chocolate.


Vegan vs Regular

Is Shakeology Vegan Friendly?

A curious reader might be interested in the differences between a regular product and its vegan alternative. In fact, there are only two of them. To make a meal replacement vegan-friendly, one has to get rid of or to replace the certain nutrients. Let’s start with the major one – protein.


The vegan-unfriendly Shakeology contains a blend of protein including a whey protein isolate. Although this protein source is rather good, it does not suit to the vegan users. Thus, Shakeology that is designed especially for the vegans offers the alternative sources of protein including oat, quinoa, rice, chia, flax, and pea. If taken separately, each of these sources is not effective or sustainable. Nevertheless, their combination provides a set of the essential amino acids to get the highest performance.


Plant-based protein is not the only hallmark of the vegan version. The Shakeology’s experienced consumers know that all the minerals and vitamins contained in the shake are added. The vegan product does not require any fortification because it has the whole food elements containing the natural nutrients. For this reason, you will not find a word about the vitamins and minerals on the package of Vegan Shakeology.


Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Is Shakeology Vegan Friendly?

Now, we will review an essential information for any person who opts for the diet supplements. If you look at the label on the package, you will find out that the energy supplied by each serving is 170 calories. This value is enough to make you feel satiated and charged with energy for a couple of hours.


The value of protein has reduced by one gram if compared with the regular version of Shakeology. The vegans are provided with 16 grams of plant protein.


Do not forget about such an important element as fiber. One serving supplies five grams. According to this value, Vegan Shakeology can be called a rich-in-fiber supplement.


Unfortunately, the sugar content has not changed a lot and amounts to 8 grams per serving. The users who make effort to shed weight will not appreciate such an increased content of sugar.


The number of ingredients is around 50 and it would have taken a quarter of the article to specify all of them. However, if you are interested, you will find such interesting names in the list of ingredients as Cordyceps, Astralagus, Camu-Camu, Goji, MoringaOleifera, Reishi Mushroom and many others.




The users are thrilled with the taste of regular Shakeology. The vegan version does not also lag behind. If you mix a powder with water, you obtain an interesting chocolate taste. To improve the taste, it is advised to use the milk. Vegan Shakeology is a great alternative to the regular product with a great taste and a special set of ingredients.