Shakuntali Siberia reveals the secrets of the Powerful Magnet attracting Life Success and Happiness work

Why is it so important to come to the retreats and seminars? Why is it so important to be in a place where there are a lot of positive people?

Shakuntali Siberia explains this vital importance as a dream she can live within the 7 hours retreat gathering people from five different countries. This is an amazing time when she can help people using her unique method. A lot of people get together around the big idea of love, developing, and getting sacral knowledge.

This is a very deep and very ancient knowledge Shakuntali Siberia learned from her master. It is called the magnet. Those who have experienced the magic of this method at the three days or five days retreats wonder how is it possible to experience a problem for more than 10 or even 20 years, feel yourself as if you are trapped… come to the seminar after which they find that the problem is solved and moreover they know the Secret… How could it be possible?

Do you know how the magnet is done? Pieces of iron are put together in the magnetic field, and then they get together in proper order. Afterward, they are pressed with a special machine. By this, they possess their power and are able to attract.

Shakuntali Siberia explains that exactly the same happens with spiritual practices at the seminars. From separated seminar participants they create a group, which begins to cultivate one common goal about an emotion they wish to experience or a desire they wish to come true. And these groups consisting of many people attract their goal. Shakuntali Siberia explains that the people on the seminars are like bars of iron and the field of the seminar and spiritual practices is like the magnetic fields of spiritual school, forming their unique space for achieving goals of attracting good relationships, your super abilities and anything you wish to attract. Besides Shakuntali Siberia teaches, that apart from being an iron part, each person has a freedom of wings and he should make efforts for making spiritual practices harder for being in the spiritual field of the school. The more the group of like-minded people is the faster the desire will come true.

Describing the Magnet method  Shakuntali Siberia points out a very significant thing about its capability. If there is a person in the group, whom she calls the white crow, who doesn’t believe in anything, who criticizes a lot, and who doesn’t like what he has, the magnetic field will be destroyed with his thoughts and moods and prevents the desire of the whole group from coming true.

In order to protect other group members from being disturbed Shakuntali Siberia advises asking such a person to leave the seminar tour. But such an outsider might be not only in the group but also inside a person himself because there are a lot of personalities in one person. When one of the personalities does not believe in anything and has doubts about everything, when there is no unity in a person, he blocks his desires to come true for himself. Moreover, he would disturb other people “Remember what Christ was saying” reminds Shakuntali Siberia, “by faith you will be rewarded. If you would have your feet as I see, then you will be able to make miracles or desires.”

And that is why it is very important to switch off your inside white crow, especially during the spiritual practices at seminars and do everything with positive emotions. Having faith and love you might see when a person has doubts in himself when he seems lazy, weak, and afraid. Such a person won’t be able to achieve anything in life, and on the contrary, a person who is active, who believes in himself achieves everything. So if you want to achieve success, you should get rid of the weak and doubting parts and make spiritual practices hard, advises Shakuntali Siberia.

There is one more danger which one might come across on the way to his desire, warns Shakuntali Siberia. This is an alien field of other people’s influence. These might be your family or friend who disagrees with your life and activities. Their critics of the spiritual seminars and practices can disturb you and this might also prevent you from achieving your goals and desires.


That is why real magicians never tell about what they are thinking about, Shakuntali Siberia reveals another secret. The reason for this is that they do not want to lose their power since they know in this case their desires might fail to come true. Use this advice, do not tell anyone about your desire if you want them to come true.

Another secret Shakuntali Siberia gives you is that each spiritual school has its own field and it is not good to mix different fields visiting various spiritual groups, healers, and masters. She gives a parallel here, that if you want to drink water, you should dig the hole in the ground in one place. Shakuntali Siberia tells that she always remembers this from her childhood when she understood this truth. She considers herself to be a lucky person because she started to dig the ground.

“He has to take my spiritual water, to take my knowledge as from my 12 years old, when I met my master, before that time I was looking for a lot of searching for God. I was asking God, where are you living? And when I met my master, I started to go with a deep interest in this knowledge, as I started to be a priestess. Now after all this time, I received my Enlightenment because I was digging in one place, and I wish you that you dig in one place and you will get away from all doubts, negative thoughts, and emotions influences” shares Shakuntali Siberia here. And she wishes that you could be in the field of spiritual people.

Shakuntali Siberia invites you to come to her seminars, to come in her field of love, because she wants you to know, that she will take care of you, will be responsible for you. She knows how to help you find your happiness. She always invites to her seminars the most powerful women, she has created this huge magnet for all humanity, for all families, for all women and children to be happy. And this is her biggest goal since she believes that every person is born to be happy and only by being happy we can save our beautiful planet. Shakuntali Siberia believes that every person reading this article shares her life goal and deserves to have a better life.

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