Sharon Prince Shares her Vision

As if there are not enough reasons to visit the state of Connecticut, the list recently includes Grace Farms. But, it’s not only the design and facilities of this establishment that make the endeavor worth noting. The people behind the construction effort should be applauded for their vision and service as well. There’s a lot to look into when it comes to who stands behind this project. However, Sharon Prince stands out as a leader of the pack.

Even though Grace Farms offers a lot to the community of New Canaan CT with its library, amphitheater, gym, and dining hall, the real value comes from the services provided. It all happens on a wide landscape covering 80 acres of quality land. This adds a natural and beautiful feel to the activities that go on within the site. These activities include gardening, meetings for various groups, and chapel services. Moreover, the facilities of Grace Farms have a nature center and keeps the environment in mind while improving the local area.

As the president of Grace Farms, Prince has a lot to be proud of when it comes to this particular achievement. To start with, the location is impressive as the project sits very close to the New York border. This makes for a fantastic and inspiring view of the region through glass walls that let visitors see it all for themselves.

It’s everything that the donors of the Grace Farms Foundation could ask for, which involves a visionary way to help people gather together. To this end, they make good use of the buildings erected by conducting Sunday services in a sanctuary that holds several hundreds of congregates. The truth is that some of the founding members of Grace Farms share a connection with Grace Community Church. But, they make it clear that the farm and foundation are not wholly religious in their nature. Sharon Prince has stated as much clearly and repeatedly for the record.

It is this message of inviting all religions and none at the same time that has some people admittedly confused. However, they learn to let go of these apprehensions at first sight of Grace Farms. The concept is simple in that the facilities there seek to enlighten, inform, and inspire anyone who walks across the doors.

Its enrichment not only improves individual members of the community but boosts non profits in the area as well, because Grace Farms sets aside space for NPOs. Whereas other foundations and centers have a singular purpose in mind, the multifaceted and functionality of what Sharon brought together breaks the mold. Her vision fuses the cannons of traditional Christian faith in a way that doesn’t push any personal or political agenda.

And even though she is the President of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince doesn’t shy away from the hands-on duties of running the place. As such, she handles a lot of the responsibilities associated with directing the in-house services. With an MBA from Tulsa and plenty of business experience behind her, she is more than capable of rising to the occasion.

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