When she is the wage earner..

When she is the wage earner

You married a man you thought was perfect for you. You toiled hard day after day and thought you would live happily with the man you married. Fortunately your income is more than his, but unfortunately he begrudges your success. What do you do in situations like these? Don’t strain your neurons, we are here to smoothen the wrinkles of your marriage.


  • You did not marry each others’ money

The foremost thing to remember is that you did not marry because you liked each other’s profession. If you are earning more than him, don’t boast about it or don’t use it for your advantage. It leaves a permanent mark when you  try to shut your spouse up by mentioning how superior you are to him.


  • Work it out together

When she is the wage earner..

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Talk to your partner about your work only when he is interested. Discuss with him your monthly budget, plan your date night together and work like partners. Focus about the future and don’t debate on minor issues. If you know your partner is not going to like a certain thing about your work, zip your lip!


  • Meet a counselor

If you find yourself more and more involved in heated arguments on the same issue, seek help. A counselor will work out a simpler plan to eliminate your problems by talking individually with you. Regular sessions will help you realize what you are doing and where you are heading.


  • Insecurity isn’t the key

If your partner feels insecure with your earnings, try to explain him how can you mutually benefit. If you earn more, contribute more. There’s no way to feel bad about it.



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