Shocking : People who died and came back to life!


People who died and came back to life

Death is a one time experience and once it embraces you, there’s no chance of breathing back to life. Death is dangerous and when we think about the end of our lives, a cold shiver runs down our spine. But there are people who shook hands with death yet returned back to life. People who have had near-death experiences and who came back after dying did not return to their former lives. They wanted to live more and fully. They cared little about glamor and materialism. Their faith strengthened and they became more humane. Here are incredible people who died and came back to life.



Its not shocking when a 95-year-old dies and even though it is a shock its not huge. What is actually shocking is when the person wakes up after being dead for six days. Li Xiufengwasn’t breathing when her neighbor dropped by to check how she was doing after suffering her head injury. She found Li dead. The woman informed others and Li was placed in a coffin in her house so people could say their final goodbyes. Before the day she was about to be buried, her neighbor saw the coffin empty. Li Xiufeng was awake and had gone into her kitchen to cook food.



Carlos was declared dead after his accident in the Venezuelan freeway. His wife was informed about his death and was called upon to identify the body. He was kept in the local morgue and doctors were conducting an autopsy on Carlo. They found his chin bleeding and when they tried to stitch it, Carlo woke up saying the pain was unbearable. His wife who had come to identify the body of his supposedly dead husband was super-happy to see him alive!



An English teacher in Missouri, Erica was 36 weeks pregnant when she fainted and passed out. Her husband, a teacher in the same school, called medics and she was immediately taken to the hospital. Her heart had stopped beating and her Child was retrieved by C-Section. Doctors told her husband, that his wife has delivered postmortem but her heart started beating again.



A baby boy from China was born prematurely in the January of 2016. His family took him home for the Chinese New Year after he’d spent 23 days in an incubator. His condition worsened and he was taken to the ER soon where he died of a heart attack. His body was sent for cremation where he was kept in a 10-degree morgue that night. Moments before An An was to be cremated, he came back to life and started crying.



Annabel Beam was five years old when she suffered major life-threatening disorders. She had so much pain that she told her mom she wanted to die. In 2011, when Annabel was climbing a tree, a branch gave way and she fell headfirst. She was airlifted to the hospital and was declared unconscious. While she was out of consciousness, she claimed that she visited heaven and met Jesus there, who told him she will be cured after he sends her back to earth. When Annabel regained consciousness, she was cured of both disorders. “Miracles of Heaven” is a movie based on her story starring Jennifer Garner.



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