Should beauty contests be allowed at school?

A beauty pageant is an old tradition which existed yet in the Medieval era. The first American contest took place in 1854. Such events started shaping society in the beginning of the 20th century. Before that time, they were regarded as a way too disrespectful thing. Today, there are many international and local contests in which young ladies, in particular, school students, strive to participate.

Even though this practice constantly gains popularity, apart from funs, it has opponents claiming that beauty contests should not be held in schools. Experts from Pro-Papers term paper writing service have analyzed both parties’ positions. The article below should help you form a personal opinion.

Advantages of beauty contests


If a girl wins a local contest, one may travel to a city or a country where a larger event takes place. It is a great chance to experience bright emotions and see the world, study culture and historical heritage of different territories, find like-minded people, make friends with foreigners and learn something new from them. Such trips can change a person’s worldview, help one to start thinking outside the box, become a pleasant memory for a lifetime.

Strengthening self-discipline

It is not enough to just be beautiful to win a contest. Good appearance is only a part of success. Participants should be well-organized, plan performances, control many important issues, analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, always stay focused and fully dedicated to a process. Honing speaking skills helps them to be persuasive when appealing to public and promoting charitable motifs. Also, girls learn to be courageous, because standing on a big stage is not as easy as it may seem. Experience acquired may come in handy in any industry or occupation a contestant will deal with in the future.

New opportunities

High school students performing at beauty pageants may be noticed by prestigious universities, invited to study there for free and receive a scholarship, participate in exchange programs, receive a grant for launching a startup, occupy a well-paid position in a large company. These and many other career building options may become the beginning of an exciting and successful professional life. Even girls from poor districts and dysfunctional families have the opportunity to meet right people and sign profitable contracts. In this regard, beauty contests perform the same role as sports and science in the lives of other young people.  


A person should know oneself well to show the strongest talents, perform at a contest in an original and unforgettable way, stand out on the background of competitions. It is worth not pretending to be someone else to make a good impression. Jury and viewers easily notice insincerity. It is much better to forget about masks, be self-confident and honest. This allows to find new areas for development and self-perfection, understand what contestants want to achieve in life, what people they would like to become.

Charitable work

Young ladies not only show their beauty to surrounding people but also pursue noble goals, attract viewers’ attention to needs of the most vulnerable social groups. They often pay attention to the problems of poverty, ecology, medicine, education, social inequality, discrimination, place an emphasis on the need for advanced research and stimulating technical progress. These pageants are focused not only on health and fashion but also on peace, harmony, freedom and other manifestations of beauty which people wish to see in the world.  

Healthy competition

Adult life presupposes that a person should play the loser and winner roles many times. Students often participate in Olympiads, scientific competitions and sports marathons. A beauty contest is just one more event teaching them to play and win. Contestants realize that it is necessary to work hard to become leaders in their future professions and areas of interest.

Also, young people understand that failure should be perceived calmly, without depression and regrets. Conclusions should be made to achieve better results at the next try. Teenagers acquire wisdom to believe that victory is not the most important thing. Sometimes, it is worth just enjoying a road instead of worrying about what is on its end. Healthy competition means learning life lessons, experiencing adrenaline surges, celebrating success and feeling inspired for further work.

Disadvantages of beauty contests

Stereotyped beauty

All people perceive beauty differently. At the same time, pageant holders try to turn their own opinion into the law. Does somebody have the right to say that only 90/60/90 girls are beautiful? The society splits into two parts: those who correspond and do not correspond to the image of a beauty queen. The second group is usually regarded as second-grade people, those who do not deserve love and admiration. Its representatives develop an inferiority complex and have low self-esteem.

Their peers from a privileged caste are also not always happy, overstep personal interests, spend much energy to meet strict requirements, buy expensive attires even if not liking them. And all this is done because somebody has drawn an image of an ideal woman.

Devaluing family ideals

Today’s girls do not want to get married and give birth to a child. They want to walk on a podium in bikini and show their bodies to a public. It is not surprising that family loses its importance in modern society. Since mothers, wives, and ladies above 26 years old usually cannot take part in adult beauty contests, teenagers are sure that family life will prevent them from being attractive and beautiful.


A sexist ideology gets stronger, makes people believe that young body is the most important thing a woman can have, while her intelligence and talents are insignificant. As a result, teenagers neglect academic responsibilities and dream about getting to the cover of a glamorous magazine.

Unhealthy physical habits

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle seem to be beneficial. But everything is good in moderation. Contestants are ready to starve and spend hours in a gym to have a slim figure. Overwork and hunger lead to health problems and nervous breakdowns.


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