Shy? 5 great sex positions just for you!

Shy? sex positions just for you!

Shy but Love to Orgasm? Here are 5 Intimate Positions Just for You!

Shy but want to experiment a little in bed from time to time? Here are a few positions that do not take much effort, are intimate and help you achieve the deepest of penetrations and best of orgasms! All you’ve got to do is try.

  • The Folding Chair

This is plain old missionary with a twist. Take the missionary position, but this time, instead of spreading your legs under him, put them straight on top of his shoulders. Each leg should be on either side of his neck. Here, your man gets a better grip of your hips and thrusts you even harder hitting your G-spot. While he is at it, you feel your legs and yourself bending like a folding chair. He can also use one of his hands to stroke your clit while holding one of your legs up.

If you feel extra agile, you can spread your legs while moving them closer to your body. This way you’re closing up even more. If you keep your legs apart and bend them towards yourself, it can be easier for him to feel your clit and breasts together using both hands.

  • Sexual Spooning

Women, this might just turn out to be your favorite. Considering the fact that you get cuddles and orgasms, Both! Shy? 5 great sex positions just for you

Take the normal spooning position, where he is behind you, curled up against you as the bigger spoon. He enters you from behind, thrusts you gently while having full access to stroke your clitoris and rub your nipples. You can turn from time to time or straighten your back to the bed, allowing him to nibble at your nipples.

Thrusts will be gentle, hitting the front wall of your vagina, constantly stimulating your G-spot directly.

The position is not only relaxing for the both of you, but also very intimate. He can kiss and bite your neck and lips softly, and his hands will be free to feel your nipples and clitoris which is very important in the process of climaxing. And obviously, you can always give yourself a hand!

  • Coital Alignment Technique

It’s another variety of Missionary. Assume the missionary position, with your guy between your legs. Have your man come closer to you, pull his body up toward your head, with his legs as straight as possible. Instead of focusing on thrusting in and out, he will be focusing more on grinding his pubic bone against your vagina and clitoris.  This way, there is absolute body contact and you can even feel each other’s warmth. Women need this this kind of direct stimulation to reach orgasm.

This position is great for women who are shy, but want to try out something new.  You can spread the lips of your clitoris apart, so that his body rubs directly against it for more pleasure.

  • The Bridge

Lie on your back, feet flat on the bed. It is yetanother kind of missionary for the shy, missionary lovers.

Make your man sit up so his weight is supported on his ankles. From here, you’ll arch your hips into a low bridge position. By arching to meet your man’s penis, you can get close to maximum penetration.

Put some pillows under the hollow of your arched, bridge-shaped hips to give you support, and let him enter you. He can also grab your hips to penetrate in deeper and hit your spot harder. This is also known as Pillow Talk.

Your clitoris is also right in front of him to stroke, and your breasts to grab. Just remember, the higher the both of you rise, the better and fuller the orgasm.

  • The Spider or The Double Worm

You both are sitting, facing each other, with your back slanting say, at a 45-degree angle. Wrap both your legs around his waist, push your pelvic towards him and let him enter you. Both of you thrust your pubic bone towards each other, and you can even grind your clitoris against the pouch above his penis.

You can also come closer, hold and grind each other. In this position, your backs are straight and are no longer slanting. He can put your nipple in his mouth while you kiss his neck, stimulate you both stroke your clit.

The best part about this position is, you can maintain eye contact while viewing each other’s nudity and expressions, and angle, pace and motion to orgasm is controlled by both and coordinated. Intimate yet sexy position. And it’s not even that hard!


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