How to tell if a guy wants you sexually?

Sex is the most passionate expression of love. It is a make or breaks for most relationships. But more than the physical pleasure, it is about the union of two souls on a higher plane. Only when the love is strong can there be true fulfillment. But to get there one needs to know if their partner desires them. He might be sending some hints your way. But not everyone is able to comprehend these things in the first go. Or maybe you are looking for a no strings attached relationship. In either case, it’s better to know what’s going on in the guy’s mind. But even though men are not good at expressing emotions, their body language speaks volumes. They will through their behavior and ways convey to you what they are feeling. You just need to be looking for the right signs. So, here are a few signs that will help you tell if a guy wants you sexually.

signs of sexual attraction

When a Guy Says He Wants You Sexually

Some guys are upfront about it. Sometimes they mean it just as a compliment. But most of the time, it means that he wants to have sex. How you respond to that should depend on a variety of factors. But most important of them all is your relationship with him. Also, if this is a friend with benefits scenario, can you keep emotions off the table? Many times, the men don’t realize the extent to which they can get involved in a sexual relationship. So, you will have to be the brain of this arrangement. Start by trying to figure out whether he is only giving you a compliment or if he wants something more. For you to figure that out the following signs will be of great help. Keep your checklist ready and see if he matches these criteria.

How Do You Know a Guy Wants You by His Body Language?

For there to be sex in a serious relationship, there has to be some attraction. So, let’s start by figuring out if he is really into you or not. Here are a few body language signs that will help you with that. Ever heard of the saying, ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’? Look into his eyes for a second. His pupils will appear dilated. If you are not in a dark room, then it can mean he is into you. Dilation of the pupils is a response to the body’s attraction to another human being. Do his front teeth show when he smiles around you? Happiness makes us all smile a toothy smile. Most men stop doing that after 5 years of age. But when he is really happy in the company of a woman, that comes back.

If he’s into you he’ll look at your face when he’s talking to you. You would expect him to look you in the eyes. But we have reached a point in the society where that is creepy. So, he will fixate on your nose or lips. Does he lean towards you when you talk? That is a sign of paying serious attention to someone. If anything, not a lot of men are capable of doing that. Unless they are really into a woman. Then they want to listen to every word she says.

Now, moving on to the next part. How do you tell if he wants you sexually? If you see these signs in him, then you have your answer.

He Stays as Close to You as Possible

When a man is sexually attracted to someone he tries to maintain as little gap as he can. This is why you will find him seek you out in a crowd. He will only leave enough gap for you to not feel uncomfortable. He’ll probably cross his arms as a sign of sexual disinterest. But that is only because he doesn’t want to give away his true feelings. If you see this pattern repeat on a regular basis, you have reason to question his attraction.

He Licks or Bites His Lip Whenever He Looks at You

 he wants you sexually

I know what comes to mind when you read this. That weird, creepy look that sex offenders give women in Bollywood movies. But that is not what I am referring to. I’m referring to those cute bites and half licks men give their lip. The kind that surprises them too. And the ones they try to cover up soon as they happen. If he doesn’t have the habit of doing this on a regular basis then that is an indicator of him being sexually attracted to you.

He Touches You as Often as He Can

Again, not referring to the behavior of sex offenders here. I’m not talking about inappropriate groping and grabbing. But light brush of his hand against yours. Or holding your hand whenever he can in the right situation. He might lightly graze your back when walking alongside. And all these subtle yet completely appropriate signs of trying to develop some contacts. Sex is after all the physical union of two bodies.

He Pays a Lot of Attention to How You Look

Is he the first person to notice the slightest changes in your appearance? That is because when a man is sexually attracted to a woman, he notices, with great attention, the way she looks. He probably even knows what colors look best on you. Or he sometimes even talks about the outfits you look amazing in. He can tell when you are sporting a new hairstyle. Or when you are wearing a new shade of lipstick. If it’s not bordering on creepy, it’s a sign of sexual interest.

You Catch Him Staring at Your Assets

Have you ever caught him staring down your cleavage? Or checking out your butt? It probably doesn’t happen often. But there was one moment when he thought you weren’t looking. He might even be trying to convey his sexual interest in you. You already know that not all men are capable of expressing their feelings in words. So, they use these techniques to convey their intentions. But well, you know what it means when he’s checking you out.

He Keeps His Bed Tidy

 sexual interest man

 If he is sexually interested in you and you have visited his house, you most definitely have been to his bedroom. Did you notice something strange? While the rest of the room probably looked like a war zone, the bed was unbelievably tidy. In his mind, that is where the action happens. So, it needs to be impressive enough for you to not be put off. Also, he will try to lead you straight to the bedroom. Do most of his plans with you involve staying at home? Well, that should be hint enough.

He Will Flirt with You

Flirting makes things spicy. Again, he does want to impress you and convey his feelings for you. So, he will hint at his intentions when he flirts with you. And here I trust your good senses. C’mon! If he fulfills all the other signs, I just mentioned then you know what is coming when he’s hinting at sex when flirting. Now the ball is in your court. You know what he wants, now you decide.

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