6 Signs that he is attracted to you

Guys are pretty much easy to read especially if they drop hints as to whether they are attracted to you. Unlike women who may reflect mixed signals, guys won’t give you a hard time to figure things out for yourself. However, some of us may have difficulty in interpreting his feelings. You need to consider the fact that people are afraid of facing rejections. They may not come forward and directly let you know what they actually feel for you. In the attempt to play safe, they might just drop hints here and there which you need to pick. They might be just expecting you to make the next move.

Here’s a list of those signs that will help you understand the male interest better.


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Nobody else matters

Yeah, you may not be the prettiest or the smartest. You might have your own set of inhibitions or insecurities about yourself. But a man who likes you will only concentrate on you, no matter how many pretty women are around. He might enjoy the silliest things in your company and might try and seek to be by your side all the time. An absolutely smoking hot woman might pass by, but if he still doesn’t seem to notice, girl, do you need any better explanation?


He is the one who tries to initiate a conversation

6 Signs that he is attracted to you

You may have seen this guy at your gym, at a party or in college. If he has constantly had an excuse to walk up to you, he likes you. He’ll try and capture your attention just to bring it to your notice that he wishes to have you around him. Or better, he will confide in you with his secrets. That means he is comfortable with you or that he likes you enough to open his heart out to you.


Your presence thrills him

Just like women have those butterflies moving in their stomach when they meet their crush, the same goes for men as well. You can’t help but notice how excited he seems to feel your presence. His body language will give you clear signs that he absolutely adores you. That sparkle in his eyes will give you enough hints that he goes gaga at the sight of you.


He will try and make physical contact

6 Signs that he is attracted to you

Men will try and come close to you if they like you. They might try and just brush your hands or lean over you. Every effort will be directed towards staying by your side. You will notice how the tension builds up when he comes close to you, if not uncomfortable (which shouldn’t be the case here), it will be overwhelming!


He cares about you

6 signs that he is attracted to you

You might have just gone out with a friend who might be interested in you. You will notice how protective he gets. He will make it sure that nothings irks or discomforts you. For example, if you get wet in the rain he will offer the umbrella to you, on a chilly winter walk he might try and ensure you are warm enough or will offer his jacket to you; also, he will drop you back home safely. Nothing is more important than the care that he will shower upon you. Not just this, if another guy gives you a hard time, he’ll cut in and ensure you are fine.


He’ll try and look good all the time

6 Signs that he is attracted to you

 Although women are blamed for trying to look as perfect as possible all the time, men are equally criminals in this case. If they happen to have you notice them at a particular place or event, they’ll make sure everything is prim and proper. No, they won’t become fashionistas overnight, but you will definitely notice that they have made an effort to impress you.

If these signs are clear to you, consider making the move if you would like to!




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