Simple ways to look fab!

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We all want to look amazing, even during a bad hair day, because first impression is a prime factor in appearance! We, women mostly have that problem and we deal with it almost every day. Dressing up for work, school or anywhere is always a big struggle. We all want to look nice and well dressed, therefore we visit saloons, we read beauty tips articles, or even copy celebrities dressing style. In this article we will give you some tips, how to look good and fabulous without much work.

Here are five simple ways to look fabulous!

Get a nice sleep!

One of the primary beauty tips that has been circulating since centuries is getting nice sleep! Each day an adult must sleep for at least six hours. This will help you to feel fresh and happy the next day. A lack of sleep is easily seen on someone’s face, and trust me this does not really look good as you will have a puffy face the next day. A good sleep also improves someone’s mood and makes you feel refresh.

Look good feel good! 

The second point is to be nicely dressed. When you feel comfortable with your clothes you will feel good with yourself ; look good feel good. Another important point is to dress according to where you are going, it may be to college to work or to a party. Dressing appropriately will also help you to feel at ease with yourself and enjoy the occasion!

Do not miss a morning shower!

One of the best ways to look fab is to never miss your morning shower or bath. Whatever the weather is, taking a morning bath will help you to feel good, and will remove the tiredness, and the laziness of sleep. It also helps someone to feel energetic.

Have a good breakfast!

Even if breakfast is not related to any fashion style it does make you look fabulous. Healthy eating habits will boost up your energy and will prevent you from accumulating fats. Eating a healthy breakfast will give you energy for the day so you will feel good about yourself and will also feel lively.

Check your mirror!

One most important thing, before you leave the house, make sure you see yourself in the mirror. Adjust your clothes, your shoes, put on the right accessories and then you can leave your house. It will also make you feel confident which is finally the most important thing, if you are convinced you are fabulous people will feel so and you will look so.

Niharika Essoo

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Being of Indian origin but settled in Mauritius, Niharika chose to study and live in India, because since childhood, the country fascinated her. Traveling and Journalism are her big hobbies and helped her to grow as a human being, to combat her fears and her anguish. Therefore, Niharika says, she want to use the platform WomenNow to send a message to the world, to help people through words.