Infertility risk – Do you work late in office?

Richa Khanna, a single woman, doesn’t have any qualms about staying back late in the office to complete her work. Ask her about getting married and starting a family and she replies that the hectic life she leads leaves her with no time to consider marriage. This is the case with most single women who are so busy building a career that they simply do not have the time to start a family. But it is a worrying scenario as well as it a proven fact that stress and undue work pressure can have a detrimental effect on our fertility.

woman-690036_1280According to a renowned doctor, nowadays couples are so tied up with their work that they do not have time for personal intimacy. After a hard day’s work at the office one is hardly left with the energy or even the time to have sex. Accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle and weight issues the chances of conceiving a baby are minimalized.

The long working hours that we put in at work throw into disorder our body clock which in turn affects our biological system. Priya Gupta, an event manager who works late into the night, says that sometimes she too is worried about having children. She realizes that her erratic schedules and long working hours might pose a problem when she decides to conceive.

Do you wish to know how our irregular work schedules affect our fertility / infertility? Well, read further to know more.


One can hardly expect a woman who has worked tirelessly in the office to come home and start making a baby. The stresses that we face at work are one of the leading causes of infertility issues in women. It is further compounded by late night shifts and extra working hours that we put in at office.


Studies show that irregular working hours lead to a 33% increase in menstrual problems. The study further found that women who had regular working hours are more likely to conceive than women who work in shifts. Women working in shifts took a longer time frame of more than 12 months to conceive. It was also found that women who worked in varying shifts were more prone to having miscarriages.


Doctors say that for women to conceive, they must first bring about some sort of positive change in their lifestyle if they wish to start a family. Initially it might be tough for women to bring about a lifestyle change but with time things will definitely fall into the groove. Moreover women should go for regular check-ups to avoid any complications that might crop later on. The following rules will help you achieve your fertility goals and prevent infertility.

  • Take time out to exercise regularly.
  • Keep your weight in check as it can lead to fertility problems.
  • Keep a track of your ovulation chart.
  • Learn to de-stress and find means to relax.
  • Avoid junk food and try to eat nutritious meals.
  • Give your body adequate rest and your mind the much needed break.
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