Should you skip your breakfast? Think again!

Should you skip your breakfast?

I know we all make several New Year resolutions every year and the most common one is to lose weight! According to a recent survey, it isn’t the resolution to ‘Lose weight’ that tops our purpose charts; it is the resolution of ‘Not Skipping the Breakfast’. Let’s pause here and go back to the fact where our mothers rightly reminded us every morning that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.



As the word itself explains Breakfast meaning: ‘Break the fast’. This is because after 8-12 hours of sleep at night your body is at a fasting mode without any intake of food. Our brain and muscles are in need of caloric energy to function and glucose is the primary source of energy.Breakfast helps in breaking the long fast and restoring the level of glucose. This glucose then converted to energy helps in a kick start to the day.



Should you skip your breakfast?


Even after your mother nagging you every single morning, it seems as if morning flies by while you get ready for work or school. So the common reason among the population is Lack of time.


Apart from the time constraint, many people tend to have lack of appetite early in the morning, as they don’t feel hungry and thereby skip the breakfast.


Many of them, tend to get bored by the same old breakfast meals, this develops a tendency among maximum people to avoid munching on old boring meals and a thereby skipping the breakfast.


Apart from the above mentioned factors, the most prevailing one is the grand old myth of ‘Skipping breakfast makes one lose weight’. In fact the truth is that people who tend to eat breakfast have lower body mass index and less likely to be overweight.


Physical benefits of Eating Breakfast

Should you skip your breakfast?

  • A nutrionally complete breakfast higher in protein, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals plays a major role in weight control.
  • Having timely breakfasts tends to boost your metabolism rate as the body gets ample energy and the body doesn’t enter the lethargy mode during the day.
  • Eating breakfasts has a master role to play in curbing the chance of diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.


Mental Benefits of eating breakfast

Should you skip your breakfast?

  • Eating breakfast has a strong mental aspect to the life. It increases the focus and concentration as your belly is not starving and the body has enough energy for the brain to perform.
  • It helps you deal with moodiness in the early morning and relieves stress to a large extend.
  • Those who eat breakfast on a daily basis tend to have a higher productivity at work as the energy stays up throughout the day.
  • Increased mental clarity is again one of the benefits of eating breakfast.

‘Healthy breakfast’, what more you need to kick start the day. Now when it’s about the breakfast, we have endless options to look for, but just having anything available is not enough. Breakfast should be healthy, containing protein for building stronger muscles, calcium for healthier bones, carbohydrates for energy, fiber contents for proper digestive functioning and iron proper blood circulation in the body

One should include nutritious foods like milk, cereals, eggs, fruits, whole grain meals/bread, nuts, juices, etc. These are not only tasty but will also keep you productive throughout the day. There are thousands of recipes that you will find on the internet for adopting a healthy breakfasting pattern.

Be it any excuse, lets listen to your mother’s first call on breakfast and make breakfast as a your priority of the day. There is a reason why it is popularly said that “Expect all your problems and eat them for Breakfast”. (Winks)



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