Sleep off that extra weight!

sleep off that extra weight!


In the hectic form of lifestyles that we have, it has become very common to suffer from sleep disorders. Even when our ears are repeatedly shoved with the popular fact that one needs a quota of seven to eight hours of sleep, we tend to fail to keep up with it. You must have heard gym trainers advocate that fitness and sleep go hand in hand. This is hard to comprehend but it is one of the proven facts of the world. One cannot accomplish his/her fitness goals eliminating sound sleep routines. Today, we will explain to you why and how sleeping well can help you stay slim. Read below-

Sleep Deprivation and Obesity

Getting straight to the point, if you are sleep deprived, your body suffers an imbalance of key hormones which are responsible for controlling your appetite. Your body tends to burn lesser calories than it should be burning. You tend to consume more calories to stay up for longer and therefore, it leads to weight gain and obesity. Read how you could keep yourself motivated to lose weight!

Sleep Deprivation and Hunger

It is said that a normal person consumes 550 extra calories if he/she cuts just 80 minutes of sleep. Sleep deprived people tend to be hungrier than others as they have decreased leptin levels which is the hormone responsible for making one feel full. Your body starts showing the desperate inclination towards high- calorie foods. This leads to over- eating and incessant stress generation as cortisol level shoots up, eventually leading to insulin problems.

Sleeping Well and Staying Slim

Sleep should be given the foremost priority in your fitness or any kind of weight loss regime that you follow. The three formulas to a fit and healthy lifestyle involve – proper sleep, adequate calorie intake, and exercising. Sleeping well saves you from high blood pressure and a weak immune system. Therefore, it is essential to aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Few Interesting Tips to tackle Sleep Deprivation?

  • Make a sleep schedule every single night
  • Dark bedrooms are a great technique as it releases sleep hormone melatonin.
  • Show willingness to shut down all gadgets an hour before you plan to go to sleep.
  • Indulge in reading before your scheduled time for sleep.
  • Take warm baths and make meditation a part of your day.

Few Interesting Facts-

  • Just four days of sleeplessness can lead to storage of extra unwanted fat in your body.
  • There is a definite and direct link between how much people sleep and how much they weigh.
  • Women who get less than five hours of sleep stand 15% higher risk of becoming obese.
  • Sleep loss triggers a drop in hormones making you crave junk food.


So ladies, if you are aiming at weight loss then these rules are a must follow. Do not forget that optimum sleep is the way to enrich your daily lifestyles wherein you can feel fresh and energised and ready for the day. It will abate stress hormones and you will be able to happily keep a check on your weight.

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