6 Smart ways to beat dehydration

Smart ways to beat dehydration

Water loss or dehydration can have devastating effects on your body. You might be dehydrated while reading this piece of article, but do you know if you are? How do you fix it?


Most of us are dehydrated without even realising it. Here are a few possible symptoms your body needs hydration.



Other than feeling thirsty which is the most common symptoms, there are other cases where your body might indirectly signal a demand for water. In situations where your mouth feels dry, you feel lethargic or lack strength, the number of rounds to the bathroom decreases, you feel constipated and suffer from headaches, increased body temperature or dry skin; you are dehydrated. You might also appear irritated and puzzled. In severe conditions, these symptoms might get serious and intense.


Your body loses water frequently even if you engage in the most low intensive activities. Your body uses essential salts in water which is lost when you lose water through perspiration or urination. This results in a lack of blood flow to the brain which hinders the process of thinking and may cause severe headaches.



The volume of water you should be having in a single day differs from person to person. You can easily test this by seeing the colour of our urine. If it is lighter or almost as clear as water, you are drinking the right amount and should continue doing so. However, if the colour of your urine is darker you need to take precautions.


How do you increase your water intake throughout the day?

Generally having eight glasses of water a day works just fine for your body. Here is how you could do it by following these rules.


Add flavours

Smart ways to beat dehydration

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Make your water tastier. Citrus fruits or those on the juicier side like the watermelon, berries or cucumber can be added to water to add flavours to water which is quite tasteless. However, keep your water as fresh as possible, rather than depending on store bought flavours which have added preservatives and toxins.


Make your meals spicier

Spicier foods will force you to increase your water intake. Not only are spices and water good for your metabolism that can help your weight loss program but can easily cater your body’s thirst.


Embrace technology

Smart ways to beat dehydration

Things have been made pretty easier with technological intervention. Remarkably, you can keep track of your water intake with the help of special applications that remind you to have water at regular intervals.


Ditch those sugary drinks

When dining out, make it a point to drink water and not artificially sweetened drinks that not just increase your calorie intake, sabotaging your weight loss efforts but also make you shell out money. Instead, make water your best friend. Your body will thank you.


Find replacements

Smart ways to beat dehydration

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If you are at a place where drinking water isn’t possible right then or if you are scared of rushing to the loo at a not so hygienic place, but are thirsty, try reaching out for water filled fruits like water melon or cucumber or tender coconut.


Drink water with alcohol

Water loss or dehydration can have devastating effects on your body. You might be dehydrated while reading this piece of article, but do you know if you are? How do you fix it?

The best way to have water with alcohol is to have a glass of it before you booze and even after. Dehydration after alcohol intake is severe. Sip water in between your alcohol intakes and you will save yourself from the bloody hangover next morning.

Let your body absorb all the goodness of water. Let us know your struggles with water intake.



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