So What Is Your Skin Fairness Score

Beautiful young woman looking at her face in the mirror.Have you ever got your skin checked? Yes, what is your score? Is it above 7? If yes, then still you have room to improve. But, if it’s less than 6 or, worst, less than 5, you have serious reasons to worry.


Yes, in a country which is acutely suffering from its obsession over fair complexion, skin fairness score certainly has the power to change the fates and lives of its people (read girls’). Wondering how your skin score can change your fate or make you a rockstar overnight? Read more.


But before you proceed, put your brain aside for some time.


So if you are a talented college-going aspiring singer (replace it with anything like dancer, performer, commentator). You have a beautiful voice but a dark complexion. Guess what? You are not going to get noticed by the talent-hunters unless you put some fairness cream on your face and overnight transform yourself into a fair-skinned fairytale princess. Nobody can now stop you from being the winner in talent hunt competition. Success will now kiss your feet and happiness will be yours forever.


Or you are a caring mom and a loving wife. But you can only expect your kids or your husband to love you if you have a satin-smooth fair and flawless skin. Else, you should give up on your wish to be loved by your own kids and husband.


It was still okay. But now we have our skin score card offered with the creams for free by a number of beauty product companies. So you cannot just apply the cream and dream of getting a lighter skin tone one day and be happy with it. They cannot just let you be so laid back. From the day they have stepped into this business, they have put their sweat, blood, and tears just to make sure that every single girl of this country gets a fair skin tone. And if there is a score card then every girl should not settle for anything less than 10. I suppose these fairness cream companies are the ultimate believers in Communism, equality etc.


Unfortunately, in reality, things are not as funny as it may sound. Apart from the perpetual search for a fair bride in the wedding market, girls, on their every step in life, become the target of this fairness inequality right from their birth. If a girl child is born with a dark complexion, her family’s greatest concern becomes “how to find a decent groom for this girl?” If between two sisters one is fairer than the other, she will be advised for the rest of her life to do something or try beauty tips to get a better skin tone like her sister. Imagine how smoothly such treatment of comparison will shatter her self-confidence forever! Can we blame her if she gradually develops a feeling of resentment towards her fairer sibling?


It’s horrible to know that whether it’s a job interview or just the social media presence, everywhere girls with fairer complexion receive attention, appreciation and acknowledgement than their darker counterparts. Of course, it’s not the fault of the girls who are born with a lighter skin tone. But is this biased mentality of our society, of us correct? Is it fair enough to judge someone by her skin tone? Does civilization make us believe in skin tone above everything? Do we need a skin score in our life?