Social Media: Worth Your time?


We are social animals. Robinson Crusoe is far from what we can think of being these days. Social media has revolutionised our means of obtaining information and communicating with the whole wide world. It is now easier to remain in touch with people who might live in a different geographical territory. Nonetheless, despite all its advantages, it can also be a source of discontent, conflicts and even dreadful crimes that one could not have thought of before its advent. Is the virtual world worth your time?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of social media. Judge what’s best for you.


  • It is easier to connect with old friends and those who are geographically dispersed. People have fallen in love and even gotten married to those they were connected initially by the social networks.
  • Personal life is publicised. Where you go, what you do, think, wear and like is public. Your personality traits are easier to judge.
  • It is also a source of great information. Keeps you updated with the latest news, buzz about fashion, celebrities, sports, health and beauty.
  • Being updated about job openings is easier these days. Sits like LinkedIn offer support to connect with recruiters.
  • It has helped in building the creative faculty of people. Also, school and college goers having social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter have shown better creative and cognitive skills.
  • Tracking a criminal is a smoother process. Those who commit crimes often fall back upon the social media to brag about their activities or even leave clues of their crimes.
  • It is easier to show support and express opinions on social platforms. People all over the world can stand united with those affected by natural calamities and terrorist attacks which disrupt normal life and cause irreplaceable devastation. Raising voices against sensitive issues is far more simpler. Support groups over Facebook do commendable jobs to help people in times of need.
  • It can also help in marketing products by increasing traffic to websites.


  • Keeping a check on your favourite person’s whereabouts has become easier. This has led to intrusion into his/her private space.
  • Spreading misinformation and rumours through social media is rampant, building issues of mistrust and fear. A lot many pages are people’s personal blogs. Information provided is his/her own view and may not be established facts.
  • Students who spend a huge amount of time on social networks shower lower grades than those who do not. Despite brushing up of creative skills, grades have gone down..
  • It is easier to go astray and cheat. Many relationships are affected. It is a lot more easier to befriend strangers. As a result of widespread availability of options, many relationships fall apart.
  • You might fall prey to certain crimes that threaten your life. Since it does not allow for face- to- face interaction, often judging the intension of people becomes difficult. The virtual world is not necessarily a reflection of the reality.

Anushree Ghosh

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